TFT: C’est écrit

Do you already know any songs by Francis Cabrel? The iconic sound of his acoustic guitar in his songs such as Petite Marie, La corrida and Je l’aime à mourir has made them well-loved by many across the French-speaking world, and he is generally considered to have been an extremely influential figure in the development of popular music in France. After winning a … Read More

Unser Tag in Potsdam – Coffee Break German Travels with Julia and Mark

Join Coffee Break German Cultural Correspondent Julia and learner Mark for a trip to the beautiful town of Potsdam where Julia grew up. Mark puts his German into practice with Julia’s help and together they visit various parts of Potsdam including the Russische Kolonie Alexandrowka, the Holländisches Viertel, and Park Sanssouci. We’ve provided English captions for the whole video, and … Read More

New Coffee Break Languages and much more

Here’s a roundup of all the news from our special event held on Friday 8th November. If you’ve not yet watched the live video, you can do so here: The Coffee Break Spanish Magazine We’re adding a new Coffee Break Spanish Magazine series to the podcast feed and the Coffee Break Academy. In each episode join Mark and Fernanda for … Read More

A peak behind the scenes of our ABBA-inspired campaign

It’s no secret that here at Coffee Break Languages we’re all ABBA fans, so when we were planning our special event which included the announcement of Coffee Break Swedish, we felt it was only appropriate to include a few references to ABBA. Some of these were fairly obvious, taken from the most popular ABBA songs, but there were a few … Read More

Introducing Coffee Break Swedish

We’re delighted to introduce our 7th Coffee Break language course. From January 2020 you can learn Swedish with Hanna, our native-speaker teacher and Emma our Swedish cultural correspondent. The Coffee Break Swedish course will follow the same structure as our previous language courses, and you’ll develop your confidence in the language and learn to communicate in various situations when travelling … Read More

Coming soon: the Coffee Break Spanish Magazine

Launching on 15 November 2019, the new series of the Coffee Break Spanish Magazine will help intermediate learners of Spanish build their understanding of the language and improve their listening skills. Each episode focuses on a text on a topic related to the cultures of Spanish-speaking countries around the world. In each episode there’s also a phone-in question from a … Read More

CBG Mag 1.06 | Die unendlichen Geschichten von Michael Ende

In this latest episode of the Coffee Break German Magazine we’re focusing on the author Michael Ende who wrote one of the most famous works of fiction for younger readers, the Neverending Story, among other books. Find out more about Ende and his work in this edition of the Magazine, and you can also learn about word order with the … Read More

Introducing Coffee Break Italian To Go

Welcome to our new series, Coffee Break Italian To Go! If you’ve been working through the lessons of Season 1 or Season 2 of our podcast or online course, then you’re ready to “take your Italian on the road”, and you can do exactly that with the help of Francesca. In our first series, Francesca is in the city of … Read More

Introducing Coffee Break French To Go

Welcome to our new series, Coffee Break French To Go! If you’ve been working through the lessons of Season 1 or Season 2 of our podcast or online course, then you’re ready to “take your French on the road”, and you can do exactly that with the help of Pierre-Benoît. In our first series, Pierre-Benoît is in his hometown of … Read More

5 Italian songs for learners

Listening to songs in the language you’re learning is an effective and enjoyable way to practise your language skills. It can help improve your listening comprehension and your pronunciation and, on top of this, music is catchy! This means that the new words, phrases and structures that you hear within a song may be easier to remember and reuse in … Read More

Introducing Coffee Break English

For over 10 years we’ve helped English speakers learn Spanish and now it’s time to help Spanish speakers learn English! With Coffee Break English for Spanish speakers we’ll be teaching the absolute basics of the English language. If you’re interested in finding out more about Coffee Break English, enter your details below. Con nuestros podcasts y cursos en línea, ¡Estarás … Read More

TFT: Il cielo in una stanza

Ciao a tutti! Have you heard of Mina, also known as La tigre di Cremona (the tiger from Cremona)? Her combination of traditional Italian melodies, swing and other styles, as well as her impressive vocal range of three octaves made her an important figure in Italian 1960s and 70s pop music, and between 1958 and 2003, she released an album every … Read More

CBI Mag 1.10 | Adesso pedala!

Often described as “the other Italian national pastime” (in addition to il calcio, football) cycling is huge in Italy. In this final episode of this season of the Coffee Break Italian Magazine, we take a closer look at the sport which is one of the most practised and watched in the country. In response to listener Nicole’s question, Francesca explains … Read More

TFT: Lieblingsmensch

Hallo zusammen! Today we’re bringing you a Tune for Tuesday from a singer and rapper who is fairly new to the German hip hop music scene. Namika, whose real name is Hanan Hamdi, released her first single Lieblingsmensch in 2015, making her an overnight success and reaching Number 1 in the German Singles Chart. She has now released two albums, … Read More

CBF Mag 1.10 | La Tour Eiffel

It’s the most visited monument in the world and at the time of its construction it was the tallest building in the world. Standing in the heart of the French capital, it is undeniably the global symbol of France. We’re talking, of course, about the Eiffel Tower, and in this episode Mark and Pierre-Benoît talk about this famous monument. There’s … Read More

CBG Mag 1.05 | Der Rheinfall ist kein Reinfall

For this episode we’re heading to northern Switzerland, the location of the impressive Rheinfall waterfall. You’ll learn all about this natural wonder and practise your German at the same time. Andrea also answers a question from listener Adebajo which concerns two very similar words: Zeichen and zeichnen.

The Coffee Break Catch-Up: 24 October 2019

It’s time for our weekly live broadcast in which we update you on all things Coffee Break, from our latest podcast episodes and videos to what’s been happening on our social profiles. This week our Talking Point is TV series for language learners: if you have a favourite Netflix show, let us know in the comments! Coming up in this … Read More

TFT: Livin’ la vida loca

This Tuesday we’re listening to a song which we’re sure almost all of you know already, Livin’ la vida loca – the full Spanish version, of course! It was written by Desmond Child and Draco Rosa and performed by Enrique Martín Morales, better known as Ricky Martin or the ‘King of Latin Pop’. It was a huge international success when … Read More

CBI Mag 1.09 | La Ricetta di Francesca

By the time you’ve listened to this episode you’ll have l’acquolina in bocca – your mouth will be watering! Francesca shares a recipe for the rice dish panissa which involves beans, onion, Italian sausage and Arborio rice, and there’s a question from listener Donna who is confused about the difference between the verbs potere and riuscire.