CBG 2.32 | Ich suche einen Job als Kellner (Radio Play)

In lesson 32 of Coffee Break German Season 2, you’ll listen to the next instalment of our soap opera. In this episode Phillip is looking for a part-time job and Miriam suggests that he tries to find a job in a local pub. We also meet Alex who works in the pub. Having listened to the radio play, you’ll hear … Read More

Coffee Break Spanish Masterclass – October 2018

We’re excited to announce that the Coffee Break Spanish Masterclass will open its doors once again on 1st October 2018, ready to begin the new 6-month course which runs until 31 March 2019. The Masterclass is aimed at intermediate students of Spanish who would like to move forward with the language, increase their vocabulary and build their understanding of grammar. … Read More

CBI 2.31 | La Mia Estate ep1 – Facciamo le valigie!

We’re back with another lesson of Coffee Break Italian, and in lesson 31 we’re presenting the first episode of our Italian soap opera, La Mia Estate. You’ll meet three of our characters: Mia, her friend Anna, and her overprotective father Riccardo. In each of the ten episodes of La Mia Estate, you’ll be hearing Italian in context and you’ll be … Read More

CBG 2.31 | Ich miete in der Wohnung ein Zimmer (Radio Play)

In lesson 31 of Coffee Break German Season 2, Andrea and Mark present the first episode of our radio play. You’ll meet the characters Miriam, Carola and Phillip who are sharing a flat together in Munich. Having listened to the radio play you’ll then hear Mark and Andrea talk about the language featured in the episode.

CBC 1.30 | Coffee Break Chinese Course Review

We’ve reached a milestone in Coffee Break Chinese with lesson 30 and in this lesson Crystal puts Mark – and our listeners – to the test with a marathon translation test covering all the topics of the course so far.

Coffee Break Travels: on the road in Pornic with Pierre-Benoît

Coffee Break French host Pierre-Benoît invites Mark to join him for a guided tour of his home town, Pornic, in the Loire Atlantique area of France. Put your French to the test with this video, all in French. We’ve provided subtitles in both French and English to help you understand everything. Mark and Pierre-Benoît visit the Nouveau Port, the Pottery … Read More

CBC 1.29 | Describing people in Mandarin Chinese

In this episode you’ll learn how to describe people in Chinese. You’ll learn various adjectives to describe people physically and talk about hair and eye colour. We’ll put this to the test by challenging you to identify some famous people from their descriptions in Chinese, and you’ll be able to see how much you’ve understood of the lesson.

CBC 1.28 | Talking about your likes and dislikes in Chinese

In this episode of Coffee Break Chinese you’ll learn to talk more about yourself, specifically by talking about your job, where you work, what you do and where you’d like to work if you didn’t have your current job! Crystal provides some interesting information about Chinese work ethic, and you’ll be able to practise your Mandarin with the help of … Read More

Mamma Mia Parody! The Story of a Language Learner

Here at Coffee Break Languages the whole team loves ABBA and we’re excited about the launch of Mamma Mia – Here We Go Again. In fact, we were so excited about the new film, we decided to make a parody of Mamma Mia, telling the story of a language learner. Make sure you switch on captions so that you can … Read More

Coffee Break French Masterclass – September 2018

We’re delighted to announce that the Coffee Break French Masterclass will open its doors once again on 1st September 2018, ready to begin the new 6-month course which runs until 28 February 2019. Registration will begin on 1st August 2018. Spaces on the course are limited, so in order to get on our notification list, please enter your details in … Read More

Introducing Walk, Talk and Learn Italian

As we WALK around the streets of Italy, we’ll TALK about the language we see around us, and you’ll LEARN more Italian! Walk, Talk and Learn! Welcome to this new series from the Coffee Break Italian team in which we’ll be helping you build your understanding of Italian and increase your vocabulary through our regular videos. In each episode of … Read More

Meet the Team: Pierre-Benoît

My name is Pierre-Benoît Hériaud and I feel very proud, privileged and honoured to say that I have been working with Radio Lingua since the very beginning! ☺ What is your role in Coffee Break? I have contributed to and helped with creating, producing and recording material for all 4 seasons of Coffee Break French. I am currently working with … Read More