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Black Friday Sale 2016

Black Friday Sale

How to redeem your 25% discount this weekend

In order to take advantage of our special Black Friday offer, you must use the links on this page to each of our products: browsing on the Coffee Break Academy will not give you access to the special prices. When you've chosen your course, make sure you click on the Shop in £GBP or Shop in $USD link on this page in order to get this discount.

Don't forget that we also offer bundles of our different courses - scroll down to see the full range of courses available on the Coffee Break Academy.

Our sale ends at 23:59:59 EST on Monday 28th November - don't miss out!

We've only had one sale this year - and this is it. Save 25% this weekend only!

One Minute Languages courses

Take an espresso shot of language learning! All our One Minute Languages courses
feature ten short video lessons and a course booklet.

One Minute Languages Polyglot Pack

Can't decide which language to learn? Learn them all with our Polyglot Pack. There's a huge reduction on the overall cost.

Save even more - get 25% off: shop in £GBP  |  shop in $USD

If you'd like to buy a single One Minute Language course, click on any of the courses below. To access the discounted price, make sure you click on the Redeem button at checkout and enter the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY16.

One Minute Arabic
One Minute Catalan
One Minute Danish
One Minute Dutch
One Minute Finnish
One MInute Flemish
One MInute French
One Minute Gaelic
One Minute Galician
One Minute German
One Minute Greek
One Minute Irish
One Minute Italian
One Minute Japanese
One MInute Luxembourgish
One Minute Mandarin
One Minute Norwegian
One Minute Polish
One Minute Portuguese
One Minute Russian
One Minute Spanish
One Minute Spanish for Latin America
One MInute Swedish
One Minute Turkish
One Minute Ukrainian
One Minute Zulu

What happens when I click "Shop in £GBP / Shop in $USD"?

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    You'll be taken to the Coffee Break Academy

    Find out more about the course you've chosen, see the full course curriculum and even try out a preview lesson.

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    When you're ready to buy, buy from that page

    You can't get the special Black Friday prices anywhere else: you must purchase on the page you arrived at where the special price is listed. You can pay in PayPal (US only) or debit/credit card (worldwide) and don't forget to click on the Shop in £GBP link if you're in the UK or you prefer to pay in £GBP, or the Shop in $USD link if you'd prefer to pay in $USD. Please note that if you're an EU customer, VAT is added regardless of whether you choose to pay in GBP or USD.

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    Need to browse other courses?

    Feel free to browse all our courses on the Coffee Break Academy, but in order to access the special discounts, you must come back to this page and click on the links above.

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    Start learning!

    Within less than 60 seconds you can be learning a language with Coffee Break. We hope you enjoy the courses!

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