Behind the scenes with Coffee Break Spanish in Salamanca

Join the Coffee Break Spanish team behind the scenes as they filmed Season 2 of Coffee Break Spanish To Go in the beautiful Spanish city of Salamanca. This video was filmed before lockdown. Coffee Break Spanish teacher Mark studied in Salamanca many years ago, and this was the first time he had returned in over 25 years.

If you’d prefer not to wait for all 10 lessons of Season 2 to be published, you can access downloadable versions of the videos along with audio versions and lesson notes / transcripts in the Coffee Break Academy. 

Coffee Break Spanish To Go is based on the popular podcast series and online course Coffee Break Spanish. For access to the free podcasts, please click here.

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Sulle orme di San Galgano – Coffee Break Italian Travel Diaries Episode 9

After taking some time to rest his ankle, Paolo is ready to move on to the penultimate stop on their journey: l’Abbazia di San Galgano. The pair take the time to explore the roofless walls of the 13th-century Abbey church and even see the famous spada nella roccia! Mark and Francesca also discuss when to use pronto a and pronto per, as well athe use of the direct object pronoun lo.

Chambres d’hôtes – Coffee Break French Travel Diaries Episode 9

Lara and Noah round off their time in Albertville by getting to know the locals at une chambre d’hôtes (a guesthouse), before travelling further into the mountains to the ski resort of Aime-la-Plagne. Listen out for an example of the construction, afin de + infinitive, the origin of the verb héberger, as well as some pronunciation tips.

A Coffee Break Conversation with French learner Stephen

In this episode of Coffee Break Conversations we’re talking to Stephen, a Coffee Break French learner from California. Stephen explains that even if you’re not able to access native speakers of the language you’re learning, there are still ways in which you create a daily immersive learning experience: “the more ways you can go about exposing yourself to a language, the richer and more rewarding the experience will be”.

Sosta per le vie di Lucca – Coffee Break Italian Travel Diaries Episode 2

In our second episode of the Coffee Break Italian Travel Diaries, join Giulia and Paolo as they travel on towards Lucca. We’ll accompany them for some lunch and the resulting abbiocco – that sleepy feeling you get after a delicious meal.

Travel Diaries will be published in one season of ten episodes weekly from 5th June. If you’d like to access lesson notes and a video version which features pauses after each sentence to allow you to practise your pronunciation, check out the full course on the Coffee Break Academy.

Coffee Break Conversations: Season Preview

Coffee Break Conversations is a new podcast in which we talk about life, learning and languages. Over the past 14 years, Coffee Break Languages podcasts have helped millions of language learners around the world learn French, Spanish, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Swedish and English. In this new podcast we’re going to be having conversations with some of these learners. In other episodes we’ll be talking to some language professionals, people who spend their days working in the field of languages, and we’ll also be getting to know some of the people behind Coffee Break, and sharing tips and tricks to help you in your own journey of learning a language.

C’est parti ! Coffee Break French Travel Diaries Episode 1

Welcome to this brand new series from Coffee Break French for intermediate learners. While it’s not so easy to travel right now, why not do some virtual travelling with us? Join Lara and her boyfriend Noah as they travel by train through the south of France. In this first episode they’re getting ready to depart from Montparnasse station in Paris, and we’ll hear about their plans for their trip.

Travel Diaries will be published in one season of ten episodes weekly from 4th June. If you’d like to access lesson notes and a video version which features pauses after each sentence to allow you to practise your pronunciation, check out the full course on the Coffee Break Academy.

At Coffee Break French we provide content for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners, along with regular mini lessons on social media. Visit coffeebreakfrench.com for all the information you need to build your confidence in French, whatever your level.

Chapitre 1 – Quelque chose ne collait vraiment pas !

James has been summoned to Paris by his friend Max under mysterious circumstances. Unsure of what to expect, he heads to the apartment where Max lives. But what will he find there?

Welcome to the first episode of our new podcast for advanced French learners. In each episode of the story, published fortnightly, we’ll be following a chapter of La Vérité éclate toujours, specially written to help you build your knowledge of French and extend your range of expression. In the episodes, teacher Mark and narrator Pierre-Benoît will discuss the story, helping you to improve your listening skills.

There’s also an online course version of La Vérité éclate toujours which provides access to a range of additional materials including the text of each chapter, annotated notes, language study podcasts, vocabulary lists, video versions of each episode and our atelier linguistique which helps you to take the language you’ve covered in each chapter further. This course is available on the Coffee Break Academy.

La Vérité éclatera … le 1er juin 2020

We’re delighted to announce that La Vérité éclate toujours, our new advanced French course, will launch on Monday 1st June. Given the current situation we’re not able to access our studio, so we’ve been putting in place new systems for recording the content and we’re excited that the “truth will out” very soon.

La Vérité éclate toujours is an audio drama which we think you’re going to love. However, this podcast will not be available on the normal Coffee Break French feed. Instead you need to subscribe to a new feed specifically for this new show. If you’re using Apple Podcasts, click here. Alternatively, just search for “Coffee Break French” on your favourite podcast app and you’ll find the new feed for La Vérité éclate toujours there.

If you find La Vérité éclate toujours is at too high a level for you, please check out our other Coffee Break French podcasts.

You can find support materials for this show in the online course for La Vérité éclate toujours on the Coffee Break Academy.

Join the Coffee Break Choir

We’re bringing together the Coffee Break Community from around the world for a one-off creative event. Right now we believe that spreading some love around the world is important, so we’ve chosen the Nat King Cole song L-O-V-E, which just happens to have versions in French, German, Spanish and Italian as well as the original English. We’d like you to film yourself singing in English and in the foreign language you’re learning, and we’ll put together a video featuring the members of the community joined together in song.

For rehearsal videos, lyric sheets and everything else you need to know about this project, please visit the Coffee Break Choir page here.

Free Language Resources for Learning at Home

Throughout the world the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) is being felt and here at Radio Lingua we are aware that schools are closing. In an attempt to help parents, carers, teachers and learners to minimise disruption, we have gathered a collection of our free resources for primary and secondary on a single page which can be easily shared.

This page lists resources for primary schools teaching French and Spanish and we are making available our High Five French and High Five Spanish courses free of charge for the next three months.

We’ve also providing links to our One Minute Languages resources, and for secondary we’ve listed all our podcasts and YouTube videos which may be useful for learners to work independently.

To access these resources, please visit radiolingua.com/learnathome.

Pre-estreno de Coffee Break English

¿Quieres aprender inglés, pero no sabes por dónde comenzar? ¿No tienes mucho tiempo para aprender inglés? ¡Ahora puedes aprender inglés con Coffee Break English! Con nuestros podcasts y cursos en línea, ¡Estarás hablando inglés en un dos por tres! Acompaña a nuestro maestro Mark y a la estudiante María y aprende inglés con nuestras lecciones de 15 minutos. ¡Perfectas para tu Coffee Break!

The Coffee Break Catch-Up – February 2020

Join Coffee Break founder and CEO Mark Pentleton for this month’s Coffee Break Catch-Up in which we update you on all things Coffee Break, from our latest podcast episodes and videos to what’s been happening on our social profiles. Coming up in this edition:

  • the latest episodes of our Coffee Break German and Spanish Magazines;
  • the first lessons of our Coffee Break Swedish course;
  • announcements about our forthcoming Coffee Break English for Spanish speakers and La Vérité Éclate Toujours, our advanced French course;
  • a sneak preview of our latest Italian video in which we join Francesca in her village in Piemonte;
  • cultural updates from around the world.

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CBSw 1.01 | Hur mår du? – How are you?

Join teacher Hanna and learner Mark and learn Swedish on your coffee break! In this first episode you’ll learn some basic greetings and how to ask the question “how are you?”, and give different answers, depending on how you’re feeling. It’s just like going for a coffee with your Swedish-speaking friend and learning Swedish quickly and easily. In this episode you’ll also meet our Cultural Correspondent Emma, and we’ll learn about the Swedish tradition of ‘fika’.

CBS Mag 3.04 | ¡A bailar!

¡Feliz Año Nuevo! We’re starting a new year of Coffee Break Spanish with episode 4 of our third season of the Magazine, and the topic for this week is salsa. Not the kind of salsa you put on your fajitas, but the dance which is popular all over the world. There’s a question from listener Namrata about combining infinitives, and Sofía shares a fantastic Spanish tongue twister which will get you practising your pronunciation.

CBG Mag 1.09 | Von Bayern in die ganze Welt

Andrea, Olivera and Mark are back with a new episode of the Coffee Break German Magazine. This episode focuses on a famous German composer and his works. Our phone-in question from listener Anu deals with learning more than one language at a time, and Olivera’s “long word in German” this week has no fewer than 46 letters!

CBS Mag 3.03 | Navidad en Madrid

It’s time for a festive episode of the Coffee Break Spanish Magazine. In this lesson, Anabel joins Mark and Fernanda to discuss Navidad en Madrid and together they discuss festive traditions in the Spanish capital. There’s a question from listener Sarah about developing listening skills, and Anabel also shares a useful idiomatic expression which is linked to this time of year. The expression involves El Gordo, the famous lottery drawn at Christmas. If you’d like to watch this year’s adverts for El Gordo, click here.

CBG Mag 1.08 | 300 Jahre Liechtenstein

In this episode of the Coffee Break German Magazine we’re heading to the Principality of Liechtenstein, sandwiched between Austria and Switzerland. Europe’s fourth-smallest country it’s one of only two doubly landlocked countries in the world (the other being Uzbekistan!) Find out more about this small German-speaking country and its 300th anniversary in this episode. In addition Olivera is back with another long German word.