Four stories of inspiring international women

Here at Radio Lingua, we are proud to celebrate International Women’s Day. To mark this day, we asked four members of our team to tell the Coffee Break community about a woman from their home country who has inspired them in some way. From astronauts to poets, we really enjoyed hearing the stories about the four women they chose. Read … Read More

Coffee Break Travels: in Piemonte with Francesca

In this Coffee Break Italian special, join Francesca and Mark as they travel to Francesca’s village of Pettinengo in the Piemonte hills. The video features segments in Italian and English, and we’ve provided subtitles in both Italian and English for you. You’ll meet Francesca’s family – and her dog – and get to know the village where she grew up, … Read More

Quand’è il tuo compleanno? / Quand’è il suo compleanno? – Coffee Break Italian To Go Episode 5

In this episode Francesca’s question is “Quand’è il tuo compleanno?” – “When is your birthday?”. Using the answers you’ll learn to say when your birthday is in Italian. Here are the words and phrases you’ll need: When is your birthday? – Quand’è il tuo compleanno? (informal) When is your birthday? – Quand’è il suo compleanno? (formal) My birthday is … … Read More