Through the Radio Lingua Affiliate programme you can earn a commission on every sale generated by your link, simply by recommending our products to your friends and readers of your blog.

Please note that the Radio Lingua Affiliate Programme is in beta testing. At this stage we will be restricting the number of affiliates we work with and would ask that all affiliates bear with us as we test the system and confirm that everything is working as expected.

Joining the Affiliate System

If you’ve not already applied to be a Radio Lingua Affiliate, please click here. If you’re already a member of our system then you’ll need to contact us in order for us to set up your affiliate link.

If you’ve submitted an Affiliate application it may take a few days to get processed, depending on how busy we are. If you log into your Control Panel, you’ll see that your Subscriptions list “Radio Lingua Affiliate Application”, as shown below.


When your application is approved, we’ll email you and the item in your Control Panel will change to “Radio Lingua Affiliate Approved”.

Using the Affiliate System

To access the links and images which you can use on your blog, newsletter or emails, click on the Affiliates area link, as shown below:


In the affiliates area (shown below) you can (1) access links and banners for your website; (2) review the statistics for purchases made through your affiliate links; and (3) update your commissions payout information. It is very important that you update your payout information by entering your Paypal email address.

How much will I earn and when will I be paid?

Basic affiliate commission is 10% of the total first sale through your affiliate link. Thereafter if a customer makes any further purchases you will receive 5% of future sales. Radio Lingua Ltd will pay affiliates at the end of the third month after a sale has been made.

Example 1

On 10th August, Joe Bloggs sees a link on your site to Coffee Break Spanish. Wanting to find out more, Joe clicks on the link and visits our site. He decides to purchase level 1 Platinum, at £57 GBP. Of this sale, £5.70 (10% initial sale) will be logged against your account. On 27th August, Joe decides to try out Coffee Break French. He already knows some French so buys the silver version of level 2A at £37 GBP. A further £1.85 (5% follow-up sale) will be logged against your account. On or around 31 October, your affiliate payments will be paid directly into your Paypal account. If you’ve had no other sales in August, you will be paid £7.55.

Example 2

On 15 August, Jane Blaggs visits your blog and sees the advert or recommendation for One Minute Japanese. She visits our site but decides just to download the free version of One Minute Japanese. Jane is going on holiday to Greece in September, and on 3 September returns to our site, wondering if we have a One Minute Greek. She buys One Minute Greek, paying £10. Assuming Jane hasn’t cleared her browser cache in the meantime, the cookie from your affiliate link will still be there, so you’ll make your 10% commission and £1.00 will be logged against your account. Jane loves OML Greek and decides to pick up Spanish with us on her return. She listens to Coffee Break Spanish for a few months and in January decides to buy the Complete Platinum version of Coffee Break Spanish. She pays £84, and £4.20 is logged against your account. Your initial £1.00 commission from September 3rd will be paid on or around 30 November, and your £4.20 commission in January will be paid on or around 31 March.

Please note that some products will remain exempt from the affiliate programme. At any time you can check your affiliate sales in your control panel. We’ll add more links and banners as more products become available. Remember, no affiliate sales can be made unless you use the correct html code or banners in our system.