CBSw 1.17 | Jag vill hyra en cykel

In this week’s episode of Coffee Break Swedish we’re learning how to get about the town. Teacher Hanna explains the different ways to get around in Stockholm and teaches us how to buy a ticket. We’ll also be learning some new greetings so that we can say ‘hello’ in Swedish in different ways.

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Chapitre 10 – James clique sur l’icône de la vidéo…

In the latest instalment of La Vérité éclate toujours, we hear another dialogue between James and Yvette before they decide to look at the contents of the USB stick and James clique sur l’icône de la vidéo. What will they discover? There’s only one way to find out! We hear a variety of colloquial structures and vocabulary in this chapter such as les flics (cops) and colloquial question forms including commant ça ? (how come?) and où ça ? (where’s that?).

Welcome to our new podcast for advanced French learners. In each episode of the story, published fortnightly, we’ll be following a chapter of La Vérité éclate toujours, specially written to help you build your knowledge of French and extend your range of expression. In the episodes, teacher Mark and narrator Pierre-Benoît will discuss the story, helping you to improve your listening skills.

There’s also an online course version of La Vérité éclate toujours which provides access to a range of additional materials including the text of each chapter, annotated notes, language study podcasts, vocabulary lists, video versions of each episode and our atelier linguistique which helps you to take the language you’ve covered in each chapter further. This course is available on the Coffee Break Academy.