CBSw 1.12 | Vad vill du beställa?

Hej! We hope you’re feeling hungry as this week’s episode of Coffee Break Swedish is all about food! In Episode 11, we learned how to order drinks and cakes in a café. We’re taking this a step further this week as we’re learning how to order food and understand a lunch menu. We’ll hear lots of new vocabulary and we’ll … Read More

Chapitre 5 – Max était bien un battant …

The mystery continues in Chapter 5 of La Vérité éclate toujours as James arrives at the hospital to see Max, only to discover that he is in a critical condition. As James tries to make sense of what has happened, he wonders what Max has got himself involved in. Sur quoi donc travaillait Max ? Jouait-il avec le feu ? … Read More