Coming soon: the Coffee Break German Magazine

Coming in August 2019, the Coffee Break German Magazine will help you build your understanding of intermediate German. In each episode of the Coffee Break German Magazine you’ll pick up new vocabulary, hear further examples of grammar points you already know, and learn new grammar through the discussions in each episode with teacher Andrea and learner Mark. Listen to the preview episode below.

We also need your help! In each episode of the Magazine we’ll be including a question from a listener. To send us your question, click here and record a voice message. We’d love to include a question in every episode of the Magazine, so please send us your questions about the German language! The video below will help to explain how to send us your question.

The Coffee Break German Magazine will launch in August, and in order to receive the first episode as soon as it’s available, just make sure you stay subscribed to Coffee Break German on your favourite podcast app. Don’t forget to follow Coffee Break German on Facebook where we post language activities, cultural points and review materials to help you practise your French. Remember – a few minutes a day can help you build your confidence in the language. Access the Coffee Break German Facebook page here.

CBI Mag 1.05 | Cuciniamo le Orecchiette

We’re heading to the kitchen for this episode and learning about the popular pasta dish, le orecchiette. Mark and Francesca also discuss their recent trip to Milan and Stresa to film some content for the forthcoming Coffee Break Italian To Go video series. There’s also an explanation of how to translate “some” into Italian, based on a listener’s question. After this episode we’re taking a break and we’ll be back with the next episode of the Coffee Break Italian Magazine in August.