The Coffee Break Catch-up: 9 May 2019

Join Coffee Break Founder and CEO Mark for the latest edition of the Coffee Break Catch-up, our new weekly show in which we’ll update you on all things Coffee Break Languages. There are discussions on language learning, and a roundup of some of the cultural events happening around the world.

In this edition:

  • further information about our forthcoming launch of the Coffee Break French Magazine which will be broadcast in an “avant-première” on Monday 13th May;
  • there’s a discussion about resources, apps and podcasts which complement Coffee Break language courses;
  • and we round up some of the cultural highlights happening around the world this week.

Meet Yvonne, Coffee Break Italian learner

Tell us who you are, where you live, your nationality and how long you’ve been learning a language with us. 

Hello I’m Yvonne, an American living in the beautiful state of Vermont. I started using Coffee Break Italian at the end of January 2018, prompted by an upcoming trip to Italy in May. I travelled to a small town where 4 generations of my great grandfathers lived and died and I wanted to be able to communicate with people in the town to hopefully find out more about my family.

What experience have you had speaking and learning other languages?

I had tried to learn French while in high school, but never put it to use. When I decided to try to learn Italian I attempted many avenues. The first was a local class held at a college, unfortunately it proved too advanced for me. I then tried various apps like Duolingo. They helped you learn words, but not understand how the language works. It wasn’t until I started using Coffee Break Italian did I truly start to understand.

What are your favourite memories of learning a language?

I found investing in the video versions very helpful, the ability to see and hear the words made a big difference for me.

Where would your ideal coffee break be, and with whom? 

I would love to speak Italian in Corato, Italy with any potential relative.

What’s the best language-learning tip you have found works for you? 

I listen to Coffee Break Italian while walking on the treadmill ,then practising some of the phrases or words I’ve learned that day, keeping a log of phrases I might need to use when traveling.

Quick Fire Round

  • Your favourite language: Italian
  • Your favourite word or phrase in the language: vino
  •  Do you have a favourite film, TV show, book or singer in the language? Pane e Tulipani
  • Your favourite destination to practise your language: Italy

Please finish off with a message to your fellow members of the Coffee Break community and the Coffee Break Team.

Mille Grazie!