Our Black Friday Sale is now on – save 30% on all courses

We’re delighted to announce that our Black Friday Sale is now on and you can save 30% on all our premium courses. It’s the perfect time to take your language-learning to the next level in our biggest ever sale. Here at Coffee Break Languages we want to help you make your downtime into your “do” time, and maximise the opportunities to build your language skills, fitting your lessons around your busy day. And with our Coffee Break courses you can do just that.

Each course features a range of bonus materials including audio, video and text content which will help you make faster progress with your learning. You can save 30% by using the coupon code BF2018 at checkout when you buy any course on the Coffee Break Academy this weekend. The sale is on until Tuesday 27th November at 12 noon, UK time.

For full details of the sale – and news of a fantastic competition in which you could potentially win over £2,000 worth of language courses, click here.

6 thoughts on “Our Black Friday Sale is now on – save 30% on all courses”

    • Hi Heidi. You’ll have access to the course as long as the Coffee Break Academy is in existence (and we’re not planning on going anywhere soon!) and you can download the materials to your own computer or device and keep these forever. Hope that helps.

  1. Hey Guys,

    I would like to buy more than one course at the Black Friday rates – but it looks like I can only use the BF2018 code once.

    can you help me out?

    Calgary AB

  2. I was playing podcast 2.35 of coffee break German for my wife when an add popped up at the beginning. It was something about “my dad wrote a porn.” Disgusting. But now since my wife heard the add on my phone, she thinks I’m a creep. Why on earth do you allow such pop ups? Do you screen your advertisers?

    • Hi Kevin. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I’ve been looking into this over the weekend and wanted to make sure I had all the information before responding. As I’m sure you’ll understand, we do take all advertising on our shows very seriously and we work with an advertising company to deliver all in-episode audio ads.

      There are two types of adverts in our podcasts. Firstly, we have “host-read ads” where I normally read the ad. These are always approved and we only accept sponsorship from companies which we feel are the correct and appropriate fit for our audience. Secondly we have “run-of-site” ads, which are pre-recorded audio ads for products or services. It is unfortunately impossible for us to preview every single audio ad across all podcasts and geographies where our ads play: the ads are dynamically inserted into our podcasts by an automated system. However, we have stated to the advertising company that we should only ever have “family friendly” ads included.

      The ad you are referring to is for a comedy podcast called “My Dad Wrote a Porno”. This podcast is actually currently #10 in the UK podcast charts and is very popular. Regardless of this, personally I don’t believe that an ad for this podcast fits the “family friendly” description, and on reading your comment on Friday I immediately contacted our advertising company. They confirmed that they would remove this particular ad from running on our shows, and this happened over the weekend. I’ve been in contact again with them today and we’re undertaking a full review of the categories of blocked ads on our site. The reason this ad slipped through is that it is categorised as an advert for a podcast, just as we sometimes have ads for podcasts from the Guardian or TV shows from Channel 4, etc.

      It’s important to explain that all ads are dynamically inserted into our podcast at the time of streaming or downloading. So, if you’ve downloaded a batch of episodes at a particular time, then the ad running at that time will appear in all episodes you downloaded at that time. This could mean that if you downloaded more than one episode there is a chance that multiple episodes would feature this ad, even though it’s now removed from our ad catalogue. If this is the case, I would suggest that you delete those episodes and redownload them. This way you would get other adverts, but not this particular ad. If you stream the podcast then whenever you stream the next episode you should not hear that ad again.

      On behalf of our team, please accept our apologies for this. We would never want to have any unsuitable content featured as ads on our shows which we’ve worked very hard and very carefully to develop over the past 12 years. I hope that your confidence in Coffee Break German has been restored and I wish you well with your continued studies.

      I’ll send you this by email in case you don’t pick up this comment.

      Kindest regards,



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