Coffee Break Travels: on the road in Pornic with Pierre-Benoît

Coffee Break French host Pierre-Benoît invites Mark to join him for a guided tour of his home town, Pornic, in the Loire Atlantique area of France. Put your French to the test with this video, all in French. We’ve provided subtitles in both French and English to help you understand everything.

Mark and Pierre-Benoît visit the Nouveau Port, the Pottery Works, Pierre-Benoît’s favourite beach, and the old harbour in the centre of Pornic where they enjoy an ice-cream at La Fraiseraie. Links below:

Faïencerie de Pornic: https://www.faiencerie-pornic.fr
La Fraiseraie: https://www.lafraiseraie.com
Site officiel de Pornic: http://www.pornic.fr
Loire-Atlantique: https://tourisme-loireatlantique.com

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