Giving negative commands in Italian – Walk, Talk and Learn Italian Episode 002

Don’t read this! Don’t look at me! Don’t say a word! Don’t watch this video. Well, do watch this video if you want to know how to use negative commands in Italian! Join Coffee Break Italian hosts Francesca and Mark for this latest episode of Walk, Talk and Learn Italian.

This episode is based on a notice Mark encounters at the Castello Sforzesco in Milan which states non somministrare cibo ai gatti – don’t give food to the cats. Francesca will explain exactly how negative commands work in Italian, and you’ll find out that for the most part it’s very straightforward because you can use an infinitive. Don’t miss this episode!

5 Comments on “Giving negative commands in Italian – Walk, Talk and Learn Italian Episode 002”

  1. Avatar

    I can see the Introduction to the Walk Talk and Learn series fine Also episode 1 . But can’t get episode 2. What am I doing wrong. Haven’t tried No 3.

  2. Avatar

    I’m none the wiser! I still don’t know why I can get: Walk, Talk and Learn Introduction and 001 (Da+infinitive) but not 002. Should I enrol/ pay a fee….?

    1. radiolingua

      Hi Barbara. Sorry about that – we’ve just realised that the embed link was wrong for this episode so you were seeing the wrong episode. We’ve fixed this now and you should be able to see the episode. Ci dispiace!

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