Using the French Subjunctive with “pour que” – Walk, Talk and Learn French Episode 001

Are you not sure when to use the subjunctive in French? Join Mark from Coffee Break in this “Walk, Talk and Learn French” video and learn about using the subjunctive after the subjunctive trigger pour que, meaning “so that”. This video was filmed at the 2018 Roland Garros tennis tournament and is based on the tournament’s slogan Pour que nos émotions ne meurent jamais, “so that our excitement never dies”.

In this video, Mark explains that pour que is one of the triggers for the subjunctive. However, while meurent is the subjunctive, it’s interesting to note that it’s actually the same as the indicative form of the verb. Mark goes through the full conjugation of mourir (“to die”) in both the present indicative and the present subjunctive, and he talks about how the present subjunctive is formed by taking the ils/elles plural form of the present indicative and adding the subjunctive endings. Note that mourir is an irregular verb.

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    Just found this video, as usual it’s so good and very well explained. I find the subjunctive a little scary to use but probably shouldn’t! Perhaps I need to learn the subjunctive verb endings better.
    Thank you very much, more please.

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