CBF-ER 1.09 | Prochain Arrêt : Monaco

In this episode of En Route avec Coffee Break French, Mark heads to the Principality of Monaco where he attends the Changing of the Guard, meets Riviera blogger Kevin Hin, and experiences the ePrix, a version of the Grand Prix for electronic racing cars. As usual, you’ll be learning about the area while improving your French through the interviews and … Read More

CBC 1.26 | Talking about why you’re visiting China

In this episode of Coffee Break Chinese you’ll learn to increase your range of expression to deal with conversations when visiting China and explaining why you’re there, how long you’re there for, and how long you’ve been learning Chinese.

CBI 2.28 | Dopo aver fatto colazione, vado al lavoro

In this episode of Coffee Break Italian we’re looking at two constructions which will help you increase your range of expression easily and effectively. You’ll learn to use prima di + infinitive and dopo + past infinitive with both avere and essere verbs. Once you’ve mastered these expressions you’ll be able to talk about “before doing something” and “after doing … Read More