In this lesson we’re tackling a tricky subject for learners of German: word order. In particular we’re looking at where adverbs come “inside the Verbklammer”. For this we’ll be introducing you to a new concept: “Tekamolo”. All will become clear in this lesson.

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    4 replies to "CBG 2.26 | Kommst du jeden Dienstag mit dem Fahrrad zur Deutschklassen?"

    • John

      I’ve just listened to Season 2 Episode 26. At the end of the lesson I went onto another site ( where they had the following example of Tekamolo (or TKML as they referred to it): –
      Ich lerne am Wochenende wegen meiner Prüfung sehr intensiv in der Bibliothek.
      As Andrea said, it’s probably not that common to have time, cause, how and place but I thought this was a good example.

      • radiolingua

        Thanks for this example, John!

    • Valentin

      Hi CoffeeBreak Languages Team !

      Just listened on Spotify to some of your French and Spanish lessons – GREAT STUFF ..and really nice to listen to !

      Thank you ! 🙂

      (fyi: …found a little typo: “Kommst du jeden Dienstag mit dem Fahrrad zur Deutschklassen?” –> Deutschklasse (no “n”) or “zum Deutschkurs” )

      • radiolingua

        Thanks for letting us know – we’ll get that sorted asap! Glad you’re enjoying the lessons.

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