CBF-ER 1.06 | Les Villes Frontalières

In this episode we’re investigating an interesting aspect of life in this part of France: what it’s like to live and work in a border town. Mark travels north to the town of Breil-sur-Roya, and to do so he has to cross the border between France and Italy a number of times. Through the conversations featured in this extended audio … Read More

CBI 2.24 | Chi va a Roma perde la poltrona

In this lesson we’re focusing on combining the Perfect and the Imperfect which together allow us to tell stories in the past. You’ll consolidate what you already know about each of the tenses and you’ll recognise certain words and expressions which trigger the Perfect or the Imperfect. Francesca also has some mystery Italian personalities for us to identify in the … Read More

CBC 1.23 | A visit to the pharmacy in Chinese

In this episode of Coffee Break Chinese we’re taking the topic of illnesses and ailments a stage further with a visit to the pharmacy where you’ll learn to describe your symptoms and understand the advice given to you by the pharmacist.

10 words to make you fall more in love with Italian

10 Italian words to make you fall more in love with Italian

Let’s face it. Everybody loves the sound of the Italian language. There is a charming “singsongy” aspect to it that is absolutely undeniable. How can we resist its postalveolar affricates, its dental fricatives and, most of all, its sensual “r’s”? That’s why we at Radio Lingua have decided to bring you 10 Italian words that sound great (and are really … Read More