5 reasons why learning Hungarian is “csodálatos” (wonderful!)

Hungarian is spoken by roughly 14 million people in eastern Europe. It’s the official language, of course, in Hungary, and it’s also spoken in parts of Romania, Slovakia and other bordering countries. Some people find Hungarian difficult to learn, but as even just a little language can go a long way, we’ll show you why you’ll instantly fall in love with Hungarian!

1. Beauty from within

Most people will find the sound Italian or Spanish very melodious, whether they understand the language or not. Hungarian, even though it sounds nice to begin with, is a language that gets increasingly beautiful the more you learn. There are countless puns and twists in the Hungarian language, not only in poetry and idioms, but also in everyday speech. Very often these defy translation and are guaranteed to entertain any language learner.

2. A logical language

Every language has its own system, its own “logic”. When you learn a new language, it’s not just about the words, it’s also about understanding that logic. Learning a language based on a different logic helps you better understand how your own language works. Hungarian grammar is very different from English grammar. In Hungarian grammar, words are linked together through the way they sound which also gives the language a really nice flow and melody. Although it can be very complex, the grammar itself is mostly logical and, once you manage to get your head around it, it becomes second nature.

3. Overcoming the challenge

Hungarian is very different from most European languages. If you’re the type of person who likes a challenge and to do something entirely new, learning Hungarian is a wonderful option. The great news is, many aspects of the language are easier than you may think. For example, the alphabet is mostly phonetic, which means that once you learn how to pronounce each letter, you’re good to go. There’s even more good news: you only have to learn three tenses (past, present, future) and wait for it … there’s no gender!

4. A helping hand with the language

It goes without saying that Hungarians are a very friendly and welcoming people, but if they find out you’re learning their language, they will be even more delighted and eager to help you embark on this adventure. While English is spoken in larger cities, a knowledge of Hungarian, even just a few words, will unlock some of the most beautiful parts of the country, taking you off the beaten track and allowing you to meet people, make friends and learn more Hungarian.

5. A cultural wonder

From Aggtelek’s magnificent limestone caves, to the lively shores of the Balaton, the largest lake in Central Europe, from the fascinating Hortobágy National Park to one of the most beautiful European cities, Hungary’s capital, Budapest – Hungary has countless wonders to see. However, experiencing Hungary is so much more than the tourist attractions. Hungarian culture is one of the richest and most well-preserved in all of Europe. Catching a performance and táncház (lit. dance house) of Hungarian folk dances, as well as trying traditional food like the töltött káposzta or a proper pörkölt (stew) are essentials on a trip to Hungary. But most of all, they are going to make you fall in love with Hungary and leave you with a desire to learn Hungarian.

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