2017: A Year of Coffee Breaks

It’s been a very busy year for us here at Coffee Break. In addition to starting our fifth Coffee Break language with Mandarin Chinese in January, we launched second seasons of Coffee Break Italian and Coffee Break German, and we’ve relaunched the Coffee Break French and Spanish Masterclass, with hundreds of students working through our six-month coaching course. Our new French series, En Route avec Coffee Break French, premiered in November, and a Spanish equivalent is already in production – there will be more information about En Marcha con Coffee Break Spanish early in 2018.

Over the past year, we’re delighted to report that we’ve delivered 19.7 million free language lessons to learners around the world – that’s one lesson every 1.6 seconds! We hope that you’re continuing to enjoy your Coffee Break Moments as you learn a language with us!

We have many plans for 2018, including our new One Minute Languages courses, the Coffee Break Reading Club and we’ll be continuing to publish new content in French, Spanish, German, Italian and Chinese. We hope your New Year’s Resolutions include improving your language skills further, and we’ll be delighted to be there to help you!

4 thoughts on “2017: A Year of Coffee Breaks”

  1. Your En Route is brilliant and there is so much useful content. It’s great to hear you Mark speaking in French so much and also to learn about French culture and to hear other accents. Keep them coming I look forward to each podcast!
    I am also working through French season 4 and have learnt a huge amount. Thanks for helping me with my confidence and your explanations are brilliant for mature learners! This is the best way of learning and far more enjoyable than anything else I have tried as each person can go at their own speed. Merci mille fois!


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