Episode 8 – Coffee Break Conversations

In this episode of Coffee Break Conversations, Mark is joined by Tetsu Yung, one of the organisers of the Langfest conference taking place next weekend in Montreal. Mark’s presenting at the conference and Tetsu shares more information about Langfest, a celebration of languages and language-learning.

To find out more about Langfest, visit the official site here.

1 thought on “Episode 8 – Coffee Break Conversations”

  1. Hi,
    It seems true what they say about being the last to find out what is going on in your own backyard! I am sad to find out now that I missed Langfest in August and Mark being one of the speakers!

    I am now advanced in Spanish and credit Coffee Break Spanish and Show time Spanish for most of it. What an amazing tool! I speak with people from around the world on Speaky.com (where I practice my Spanish, and help people learning french or english), and have recommended Radio Lingua podcasts more often than I can say, I strongly believe in the quality of what you offer.

    Congratulations and I will hopefully catch you at another event one day!


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