It’s time for the penultimate episode in our series and this week we’re joining Rory as he returns to Scotland ahead of his departure for Argentina with María. Once again the episode is rich in complex language and features a number of interesting idiomatic expressions including hacerse el duro, and much more.

In the preview episode available here on the Radio Lingua site, on iTunes and on Soundcloud, you’ll be able to listen to Carmen and Mark’s introduction, to the core text of this episode, and to the summary in English of what happens in the text. For a full analysis of the text and in-depth discussion of the words and phrases contained in the episode, you can subscribe to our premium version. For further information, please see below.

Accessing the Premium Version

The premium version of Coffee Break Spanish Season 4 provides additional materials which will help you move forward more effectively with your advanced studies of Spanish. The premium version includes the following elements:

  • full-length audio episode: in each episode Mark and Carmen discuss the language covered in each text in depth, providing further examples and testing you on your understanding;
  • transcript: a full transcript of the entire episode including notes on complex language and grammar points;
  • bonus audio episode: test yourself on the key constructions included in the audio episode with this bonus audio translation exercise.

Coffee Break Spanish Season 4

Access extended audio episodes, transcripts and bonus audio translation challenges and take your Spanish to the next level.

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    • graham

      No download link on the page this time?

      • graham

        Hey Graham, would you be interested in having a penpal for the sake of practicing your spanish? I’m a beginner so I would not be able to correct your work, but it could give you a chance to practice writing/thinking in spanish and it would give me a chance to read conversational spanish.

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