The New Coffee Break Academy

It’s graduation time!

As you know, most of our courses feature free lessons, available on our website and on iTunes, Soundcloud and so on, but we also have premium courses which feature additional materials to help you take your learning further. We’ve been looking at ways in which we can improve how we deliver these courses and today we’re delighted to announce the new Coffee Break Academy. Moving forward, this will be where all our premium courses will be hosted.

We’ve been reworking our existing content into new courses which feature the usual downloadable audio and pdf materials, but we’re also introducing video to seasons 1 and 2 for all languages, and making the whole process a smooth and enjoyable experience. Of course, with a huge back catalogue featuring hundreds of language lessons, this is a gradual process. We’ll be moving our Coffee Break series over to the new Academy in the next few weeks, and we’ll be offering everyone who has purchased a course in 2016 a complementary account in the new Academy. Equally, anyone who purchases a course between now and when we move over will be swapped into the new Academy when it’s ready.

The Coffee Break Academy will be a one-stop shop for all our premium content and we believe it will offer learners an easy and smooth process from purchase to language mastery!

Ready to try out the new Coffee Break Academy? Click here. You’ll notice that not all our courses are active on the Academy quite yet – we’ll be adding to these in the coming weeks.

Just a quick word about our current Masterclass members who have been using the Academy to access this system. We’ll also be moving the Masterclass into the new Academy, but we’ll be in touch with you to guide you through that process when the courses are fully set up on the new site.

4 thoughts on “The New Coffee Break Academy”

  1. Hi All
    I tried to connect to ” ” but firefox refused to open it because

    “The owner of has configured their web site improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this web site.”

    Is this something you need to sort out?
    Love Rog.

    • Hi Rog,

      Thanks for your message. The main pages of the Coffee Break Academy use http:// not https:// – the payment pages all use https:// but that’s applied automatically. If you go to you’ll be able to access the information as required. When it comes to logging in or creating an account you’ll be redirected to the secure pages using the https:// setting. Hope this helps to explain.


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