We’re delighted to announce that Coffee Break French Season 5 is in preparation. We’ve been listening to the feedback on Season 4, and have been working on a fifth season of Coffee Break French. Given that Season 4 already focused on a very high level of French – B2/C1 in the European Framework of Reference – there’s a lot to go into Season 5 to make it challenging yet enjoyable for our learners. Season 5 will involve another story, and this time there’s a twist: we’re looking for your help!

Yes, in Coffee Break French Season 5, on a besoin de vous! We’re looking for a member of the Coffee Break French community, someone who has already completed Season 4, to play a character in the story. This character will be a French learner, so don’t worry about not being fluent in French. Ideally you would be able to “act” a bit, and there’s no complex equipment involved in recording your parts of the story: we’d record this remotely over Skype.

If you’re interested in being part of your favourite French podcast, then get in touch with us: click here and send us your details.

Coffee Break French Season 5 is a major project and involves many people in the writing and production, so it is taking some time to put together. We’re hoping to launch in Spring 2o17, so you can take this as “advance notice”, but confirmation that we’re definitely working on it and you won’t have to wait too much longer. As we said, votre café est en préparation, merci de patienter! You’re coffee is being prepared, thanks for waiting!

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    3 replies to "Announcing Coffee Break French Season 5"

    • Joyce Roush

      Quant à moi, je suis ancienne prof de français. Je suis à la retraite depuis deux ans. Mon français est à un niveau assez haut, mais j’apprends toujours du vocabulaire et des expressions idiomatiques. Je suis en train aussi d’apprendre le français comme on le parle. Mon français est peut-être trop formel. J’ai beaucoup voyagé en France et l’année dernière j’ai passé six mois en France pour améliorer mon français et pour m’immerger dans la culture. Participer au Podcast de Coffee Break French me ferait beaucoup de plaisir.
      Joyce Roush

    • Peter

      Looking forward to Season 5.

    • Connor

      That’s excellent news. I discovered your podcast series earlier this year, prior to a semester abroad of study in France, and I’ve quickly raced hrough; I’m now approaching the end of season three and was saddened to think the next season would be the last.

      With your help, my French has improved so much. I recently secured a job offer to teach English at a language school in France after I graduate, and feel so much more confident with all aspects of the French language now, it really has my excited to live there and put it all in practice. And when I start teaching myself, I’ll be sure to do my best to take inspiration from your affable and passionate style. Je l’attends avec impatience!

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