Introducing Coffee Break Chinese

We’re over the moon to be announcing that we’ll be launching Coffee Break Chinese in early 2017, adding our fifth language to the Coffee Break series. With Coffee Break Chinese you’ll be learning the basics of Mandarin with an experienced teacher. We can’t say much more about this now, but if you’d like to be kept up to speed with our developments – and maybe even get access to a preview of some of our content, click here.

The Coffee Break App

You may have read recently that we’ve been having some issues with a group of app developers who have published unauthorised apps featuring our Coffee Break lessons. Indeed, you may well have downloaded a Coffee Break app on your phone. You should be aware that these are NOT published by us and that we have been working through the legal process with Apple and the Google Play Store to have these illegal apps removed. The only way to access our content is through our website, and now on the Coffee Break Academy.

To be clear – our free content is currently available through the Podcasts app on iOS, and if you’re a premium member we’ll have provided a way for you to download the premium content through Podcasts too. However, if you’ve downloaded a Coffee Break app which was not published by Radio Lingua, then this is an unauthorised app. Please click here for more information about this and how to deal with the situation if you have downloaded an unauthorised app.

However – here’s the good news! We are working on our own app which will allow our current premium subscribers to access all the content they’ve previously purchased on a handy app. This app will launch early next year, and we’re sure it will be the perfect way to keep your Coffee Break content with you wherever you go. We’ll be updating our website and social media channels in due course as soon as we have a launch date.

Taking you behind the scenes of Radio Lingua

Here at Radio Lingua we are a small team of full-time employees – there are currently just 3 of us working full time bringing you this huge range of content. However, we also work with an extended team of native speakers, assistants and teachers who join us regularly for recording, writing, meetings and so on. Sometimes we work from home, sometimes we’re in the office or the studio, and sometimes we get the opportunity to travel whether it’s for recording or meetings or filming in the countries where the language is spoken.

We’ve decided to take you ‘behind the scenes’ with a new series of short videos. Coffee Break Conversations will let you see what goes into making our courses, and you’ll get to know the people who bring you your Coffee Break lessons. Coffee Break Conversations starts next week.

Radio Lingua merchandise now available

It’s getting to that time of year when you may be looking for a gift for a language learner you love. We’re delighted to introduce to you today the Radio Lingua Merchandise shop!

You can finally buy a Coffee Break Spanish mug, or a Coffee Break French canvas tote bag. Remind yourself about your language learning every time you open the fridge with our Coffee Break German fridge-magnet, or cook up a storm with our Coffee Break Italian apron. There are High Five French and High Five Spanish items for children too including t-shirts, water bottles and more.

Your coffee break will never be the same again once you have your very own Coffee Break mug! (Have mug on camera)

Introducing High Five Spanish

We launched our Spanish course for children earlier this year for schools and today we’re delighted to announce that High Five Spanish is going to be available to the public, and it will also in the new Coffee Break Academy. We’re publishing the series in packs of 10 lessons, and pack 1 is already available. This fantastic resource for younger learners features native English speaker Sophie who is learning Spanish with her friends Marina and Miguel. I’ll hand you over to Sophie who will tell you more.

Each lesson of High Five Spanish features a short video, the High Five Spanish radio show, notes for parents to help your child learn Spanish, and activity sheets for children. There will be four packs in total, and packs 2, 3 and 4 will be added to the Academy over the next few months. Needless to say, High Five Spanish has been created by experienced teachers of the language and learners will build their knowledge as they progress through the progressive lessons, along with Sophie.

So, if you have a child – or a grandchild – who would like to learn Spanish, there’s no better way to help them than High Five Spanish. Head over to and click on the Family Edition button for more information.

And that’s not all – we’ve also started moving High Five French into the new Academy, so Pack 1 is available there too featuring lessons 1-10. You can join native English speaker Emma who is learning French with her friend Mathilde.

One Minute Languages on the New Academy

The Coffee Break Academy goes live today as we’ve already moved all our One Minute courses over to the new system. This means that you can learn any one of 26 languages with our “espresso shots”. From Arabic to Zulu, choose your language, and enjoy our high quality video versions and lesson notes in these ten-lesson introductions to the language. To celebrate, we’re even adding in two brand new courses: you can now learn the basics of Galician, a regional language spoken in the north of Spain, and as we’re heading into the festive season, you can learn the basics of Finnish and say “hello, how are you?” to Santa Claus himself.

To access the Coffee Break Academy, please click here.