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Update, 20 October 2016

Planned maintenance: in an attempt to avoid further problems with the Radio Lingua website, we’re going to be doing some updates overnight on the site. This is likely to involve around 2 hours of downtime between 12:00 midnight and 8:00am UK time (7pm-3am Eastern). Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Original message, 18 October 2016

Over the past few days we’ve been experiencing major problems with the Radio Lingua website. We’d like to apologise to the Coffee Break learning community for any inconvenience you’ve experienced. The problems were a result of a change made by our domain registration company which blocked access to the website for users and indeed to the site admin for us.

As of Tuesday 18th October at 8pm UK time, the site is gradually becoming available again to users around the world as the DNS propagation takes place. If you are seeing this article, it means that the the DNS propagation has taken place for your ISP. Basically, your ISP has picked up the new IP address of our site and you should be able to access everything once again. However, we will be closely monitoring the site and now that we have access to the admin of the site, we’ll be looking into any further problems and taking cautionary measures.

We had originally planned to make some announcements this evening to celebrate our 10th birthday, but we had to deal with the site issues. As soon as everything is working again as it should, we’ll announce the new date for our special event.

Thank you for your patience and understanding throughout this time. We’ll hopefully be back very soon doing what we do best, helping you learn languages in your coffee break!

Mark and the Radio Lingua Team

7 thoughts on “Radio Lingua Update”

  1. Thank god for that…. felt lost for a couple of days and feared I would have to find alternatives, so glad you are back and happy birthday from sunny London !

  2. I hope you did not give the provider hell because these things just happen 🙁 It’s very annoying for you guys but it is as it is. Having said that. Wow i am glad your back 🙂


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