Un nuovo gioco!
Welcome to the One Second Search, an exciting new activity to test your Italian vocabulary. If you are subscribed to our Newsletter, you will have read about the possible creation of a new word in the Italian language.

Your challenge:

1) Look at the word grid below which is filled with items of vocabulary related to the Newsletter article.

2) Write a sentence using the first word you find and share it with the Coffee Break Community by posting it as a comment.

3) See what other words you can find.

In bocca al lupo!


In order to help you with the challenge, we have provided English translations of the words contained in the search below:

  • “full of petals”
  • flower
  • teacher (female)
  • word
  • dictionary
  • clear
  • child
  • to respond / reply / answer
  • Italy
  • language

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    3 replies to "Coffee Break Italian One Second Search 01"

    • Chrissy


      Il bambino intelligente ha detto che il fiore è petaloso – una nuova parole italiana.

    • Gina O'Neill

      C’è chiaro che l’italiano è la lingua pìu bella.

    • Giovanna

      RISPONDERE Sai rispondere alla mia domanda?

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