Welcome back to the One Second Search – a fun activity to test your French vocabulary. In our most recent newsletter we wrote about la semaine de la langue française et de la francophonie. Here’s your challenge:

  1. Look at the word grid below which is filled with the names of ten places in the world where French is spoken.
  2. Take a note of the first place name that you find.
  3. Once you have found all ten place names, post a comment telling us not only the first place that you found, but also the place where you would most like to go and why.

Bonne chance!


    3 replies to "Coffee Break French One Second Search 03"

    • Chris B.

      Je voudrais voyager a Quebec parce ce que c’est dans mon pays!

    • Ann Caragher

      Le premier endroit que j’ai trouvé est “Quebec.” Je voudrais visiter Madagascar parce que j’ai une amie avec qui je ne corresponds par email. Elle habite en Antananaviro.

    • Ritva D.

      Je voudrais voyager à Senegal, parce que j’aime l’Afrique

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