This weekend we’re offering a huge 25% discount on all our courses as part of our Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale. This is your chance to sign up for the premium version of our courses and access all the associated bonus materials including transcripts, lesson notes, videos and bonus audio.

To take advantage of this fantastic offer, simply use the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY15 when you purchase any of the courses on our website as shown below.

Enter coupon code

You can use this coupon code to save 25% on any of our Coffee Break French, Coffee Break German, Coffee Break Spanish or Coffee Break Italian products. The code can also be used to purchase our High Five French course for younger learners. Don’t forget to enter BLACKFRIDAY15 in the Coupon Code box! Click on the image below to see the full range of products and purchase links for each language or course.


Don’t miss out!

Our sale has already started and must finish at midnight UK time on Monday 30th November. Please make sure you purchase in time and get a head start on your language learning for 2016!

Terms and Conditions

  1. Please note that the reduction will be applied at checkout.
  2. The coupon code can be used up to 10 times per customer.
  3. EU customers should be aware that the 25% discount will be applied and then VAT at local rate will be added to the total cost.
  4. The sale only applies to items purchased directly on the Radio Lingua website through our membership system and is not applicable to products currently available in the iBookstore or Kindle store.
  5. The sale does not apply to School licences purchased through our Radio Lingua Schools website.
  6. No refunds will be given on any materials purchased at full price during this time if the coupon codes have not been used.
  7. No refunds will be given on any materials purchased prior to the launch of this sale, or after the closing date as listed below.
  8. We are publicising this sale on Twitter, Facebook, through our members’ database by email and via our mailing list. If you do not receive this information via one of these channels within the period of the sale we cannot retrospectively apply the discount.
  9. Just to be absolutely clear, our sale ends at:

30th November 2015 – 15:59 / 1 minute to 4pm in San Francisco
30th November 2015 – 16:59 / 1 minute to 5pm in Denver
30th November 2015 – 17:59 / 1 minute to 6pm in Chicago
30th November 2015- 18:59 / 1 minute to 7pm in New York
30th November 2015- 20:59 / 1 minute to 9pm in Buenos Aires
30th November 2015- 23:59 / 1 minute to midnight in London
1st December 2015- 00:59 / 1 minute to 1am in Paris
1st December 2015 – 01:59 / 1 minute to 2am in Cape Town
1st December 2015- 02:59 / 1 minute to 3am in Moscow
1st December 2015 – 06:59 / 1 minute to 7am in Bangkok
1st December 2015 – 07:59 / 1 minute to 8am in Beijing
1st December 2015 – 08:59 / 1 minute to 9am in Tokyo
1st December 2015 – 09:59 / 1 minute to 10am in Sydney


    6 replies to "Save 25% in our Black Friday Sale"

    • Anthea Jones

      When does the Sale start? Can the 25% off coupon BLACKFRIDAY15 be used today,Thursday 26 November 2015?

    • Radio Lingua Team

      Hello Anthea, the sale has already started so yes, it can be used today! Thanks.

    • John David Fitzgibbon

      Do you have a new course starting soon for coffee break italian ?

      • radiolingua radiolingua

        We hope to be able to make some announcements regarding Coffee Break Italian soon.

    • Richard Clezy

      Are you having a sale in 2016? I hope so!

    • Richard Clezy

      Is CBF having a black Friday sale in 2016?
      I’m confused!

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