In the past few days Apple has released a major update for iOS and there have been some reports of the Podcasts app crashing on first launch. Since we recommend the Apple Podcasts app as the best way to access both our free and premium podcasts, we would suggest that listeners hold off from updating their iPods, iPhones and iPads. We’ll keep an eye on the developments and reports on the Podcasts app in the coming days and weeks and will update this notice as soon as possible.

If you’ve already updated your iOS device and have experienced this problem, some users are suggesting the following procedure:

  1. Go to Settings > Podcast and turn off Cellular data and Custom colors.
  2. Double tap the home button and close all apps.
  3. Put your phone in Airplane Mode and make sure wifi is turned off.
  4. Turn off your device and turn it on again.
  5. When your device shows the lock screen, unlock it and open Podcasts app.
  6. Podcasts app should launch correctly.
  7. You can now leave Airplane Mode and refresh the podcast list and if you wish turn on Cellular data and Custom colors from Settings.

We hope that this helps.

    8 replies to "Upgrading to iOS 9 for Podcasts users"

    • Luke Allen

      I have also found after upgrading to ios9 that the podcast text is out of time with the audio by about 4 seconds

    • David King

      Sorry, this suggestion does not work with iPad Air. Any more ideas? This makes a huge difference to learning if one is unable to see the written word. I have purchased series one and two because the use of flash cards are so helpful. So what next?

      Regards David

      • radiolingua radiolingua

        Hi David. Sorry you’re having these problems. Unfortunately we’re also experiencing problems with the latest iOS update and we’re continuing to look into this. We’re looking into the possibilities for reworking the back catalogue to ensure it works with future iOS updates.

    • Daniel Buzinkay

      I unfortunately upgraded to iOS 9.0.2 and there ist a TIME LAG (aproximately 10-20 seconds) between the displayed txt and the audio. (in iOS 8 it was OK).
      Any suggestions…?
      Thanks for ANY reply…

      • radiolingua radiolingua

        Hi Daniel. We’ve been doing various tests with iOS 9, 9.0.1 and 9.0.2 to see how our content works with the latest updates and we are also experiencing problems with the “enhanced podcasts” with the synchronised text and audio content. There doesn’t seem to be much discussion about this online, but it looks like Apple are less bothered about supporting what they see as a legacy format. We’re currently discussing the best way forward for our content and will update all our existing customers on our findings soon. We’ll continue to test the latest versions of iOS. Hope this helps.

    • Daniel Buzinkay

      Hi, Mark! (I hope I recognized you) 🙂
      Thank you for your quick reply!
      I hope your IT is as good as you are in teaching foreign languages!
      I am your great fan and I really hope this mess will be fixed soon, since the learning with the flashcard photo time lag is really inconvenient…

    • Daniel Buzinkay

      Hi everyone,
      I just updated to iOS 9.1 and the problem with the time lag remained… (on my iPhone 5)
      Please find a solution soon!
      I would like to study with the programs I paid for, but now its actually impossible, since I am seeing another word/phrase and hearing another one because of the time lag…
      When will it be corrected? Is it not just a question of a few hour (re)programming and updating?
      Daniel, the desperate

    • Daniel Buzinkay

      I wrote you several times. WHEN WILL YOU REPAIR THE TIME LAG IN THE PODCASTS? I CAN NOT LEARN WITH THE PAID MATERIAL! The Excuse that it is in iOS 9 is now not very original, after several months, dont you think?

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