We’re delighted to introduce the first in a series of ebooks and accompanying audio tracks which will help you build on what you’ve learned in Coffee Break French Season 4. We’re releasing the first of four ebooks for Season 4 today, and the other three ebooks will follow in the coming weeks and months, building to an in-depth, structured course covering many of the grammar points, interesting vocabulary and idiomatic expressions featured in Coffee Break French Season 4.

What’s included in each companion pack?

Coffee Break French Companion Season 4, Book 1 includes the following elements:

  • a 67-page ebook which provides a comprehensive summary of some of the key grammar points covered within lessons 1-10 of Season 4. In addition there are chapters on the vocabulary and idiomatic expressions used with plenty of examples to help you get to grips with all of the material;
  • 26 exercises to help you test your understanding of the points covered in each chapter;
  • 22 audio tracks, with one audio track for each chapter. Think of these as mini podcasts, each providing a summary of the main points of the chapter, with worked examples and our usual translation challenges to keep you on your toes. The total playing time of the audio tracks is 2 hours. We’ve even included a musical review of some of the key phrases to help you consolidate the language further.

How do I access the Coffee Break French Companion?

Like all our courses, simply purchase access to the materials and you’ll be able to download the pdf ebook and the audio tracks to your computer or mobile device. We’ve included a podcast feed of the whole pack so you can easily access and store the materials on your iPad or Android tablet for easy access on the go. For iPad users there’s a video here to help you access our materials using the Podcasts app on iOS.

How much does the ebook pack cost?

The introductory price of the Coffee Break French Companion Season 4 Book 1 is just £20.00. This price includes VAT for EU customers, and if you’re in an EU country where the VAT rate is slightly different then the exact price will be calculated on checkout. For US customers, the approximate price is $26.00 USD. Again, the exact cost will be calculated on signup.

Buy now to get instant access to all the associated materials and start your review of the language covered in Coffee Break French Season 4 now.

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