Newsletter Activity 8 – estar a punto de hacer algo

In this newsletter activity we have another useful construction for you: estar a punto de hacer algo. This means “to be about to do something” or “to be on the point of doing something” and so can be used to refer to an imminent action. Note that this structure needs to be followed by an infinitive.

Veamos unos ejemplos:

  • Andrea está a punto de terminar la carrera de medicina, solo le queda un examen – Andrea is about to finish her medicine degree, she only has one exam left
  • tienes que darte prisa, están a punto de salir – you need to hurry, they are about to leave
  • estaba a punto de llamarte por teléfono cuando llegó mi vecino – I was just about to call you when my neighbour arrived 

This construction is very easy to use, just remember to conjugate the verb estar. ¿Y vosotros? ¿Qué estáis a punto de hacer? Have a closer look at the tenses used in the examples and then try to come up with your own sentences. ¡Esperamos vuestros comentarios!

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