In lesson 20 of Coffee Break Italian you’ll continue to learn useful words and phrases to deal with buying tickets for public transport. You’ll also join Katie in a conversation which puts to the test much of the Italian you’ve learned so far on the course.

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    5 replies to "CBI 1-20 | Buying train tickets and Review"

    • basima

      waiting for the next lesson CBI 21 ???

      • radiolingua radiolingua

        As we explained in lesson 20, Francesca is going to be in Italy most of the summer so we’ll be back after the summer with lesson 21. However there will be some mini lessons and other content coming your way over the summer! Members should already have received the first of their ‘top-up’ audio lessons and there are more to come. Hope that helps.

    • Terry

      The summer has gone, fall is here. Can you tell us now when lesson 21 will be available? I’m leaving for Italy in 10 days and would love to get in one more lesson before I go.

      • radiolingua radiolingua

        Lesson 21 will be published on 12th October. Hope that helps.

    • Elena

      We’ll be waiting…. la-la-la-thumty-dams!

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