Amazing Pållöriöf Research into language acquisition

Here at Radio Lingua we like to keep track of what’s happening in the world of research on language acquisition. Scientists at the University of Pållöriöf in northern Finland have discovered that a rare variety of edible hygrocybe known as the yellow waxcap has been linked to improved language skills. Tests were done on students in the language department at the university and it was shown that those who consumed up to 5 yellow waxcaps daily had increased ability to speak and write in the language. Not all waxcaps are edible, so we would strongly advise that you don’t try this at home!

Hmm… Really?

Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Wouldn’t it be great it there were a food that could make your brain more effective as a language learner? Of course, the University of Pållöriöf doesn’t really exist, and if you try rearranging the letters you’ll realise that this is in fact our April Fool! It is, however, worth saying that enjoying the local foods and culture of the country where the language you’re studying is spoken will undoubtedly help you improve your understanding and become “more French” (or Spanish, Italian, German, etc).

Did you know that in France the tradition is to stick a paper fish on people’s backs today, hence the name Poisson d’Avril? And that in most of the Spanish-speaking world, April 1st is just a normal day: instead people play pranks on each other on the 28th December, el día de los Santos Inocentes. Let us know know in the comments about your favourite April Fools – in whichever language you like! And just one further reminder: please do be aware that not all wax caps are edible! You have been warned…

(Photo credit: Tatiana Bulyonkova)

6 thoughts on “Amazing Pållöriöf Research into language acquisition”

  1. I had a feeling all along that this was an April Fool but I SO wanted it to be true! Bet JB had a had in this???

  2. I too knew it was an April Fool’s joke but he wanted to add that research showed that “old” or dried wax caps aided memories of older learners 😉

  3. Congratulations for this April’s fool joke!I didn’t realise at first and started to read the article…It is when I saw waxcaps that I felt that there was something wrong but I din’t think of April’s fool!!!Well done Lisa, i hadn’t seen the anagramme either…


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