Amazing Pållöriöf Research into language acquisition

Here at Radio Lingua we like to keep track of what’s happening in the world of research on language acquisition. Scientists at the University of Pållöriöf in northern Finland have discovered that a rare variety of edible hygrocybe known as the yellow waxcap has been linked to improved language skills. Tests were done on students in the language department at … Read More

Newsletter Activity 6: the conditional

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This blog post is looking at some of the different uses of the conditional. Forming the conditional is quite straightforward as the endings are the same for -AR, -IR and -ER verbs and you add the endings directly onto the infinitive. The endings are as follows: ía          > empezaría               recibiría … Read More

Newsletter Activity 6 – False Friend: rude

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In this newsletter activity, we’re looking at a false friend. The French word rude in French does not mean the same as the English word “rude”. Can you work out its meaning from the following examples? ma professeur est rude, elle ne veut jamais qu’on parle en cours je fais de l’escalade, j’ai une rude épreuve qui m’attend demain This is … Read More