Newsletter Activity 5 – Manual de la Felicidad

In this activity we’re going to practise using el imperativo.

The imperative is used for giving commands and instructions but in Spanish, it can also be used to give advice. Your challenge is to write a “Happiness Manual”, o en español: “un manual de la felicidad”. For this manual you will need to use the second person singular: . The affirmative imperative is identical to the third person singular of the present indicative:

  • cantar: él o ella canta
  • comer: él o ella come
  • vivir: él o ella vive

It is important to remember that the following verbs are irregular:

  • decir > di
  • hacer > haz
  • poner > pon
  • salir > sal
  • ser > sé
  • tener > ten
  • venir > ven

To form the negative imperative, we use the second person singular () of the present subjunctive:

  • cantar: ¡no cantes!
  • comer: ¡no comas!
  • vivir: ¡no vivas!

In both cases the pronoun (yo, tú, él, ella etc.) is omitted.

Aquí va nuestro consejo:

  • ¡Sonríe todos los días!

¿Cuál es tu consejo para ser feliz? What advice would you give someone to live a happy life? In a comment below, leave your recommendations by using the form of the imperative as in the above examples.

10 thoughts on “Newsletter Activity 5 – Manual de la Felicidad”

  1. ¡Impresionante! ¡Qué buen manual de la felicidad hemos escrito entre todos! ¡Felicidades!

    A few comments: Andrew Lane, ¡muy buen consejo! Remember that in Spanish “to think about something” is “pensar en algo”, so the preposition that you have to use there is “en” instead of “de”.
    Guzel, the verb you are using in your example is “moverse”, so if you are giving advice using the second person singular (tú), you must add “-te” at the end: “muévete más”.
    Karen, as the recommendations have to be done using the “tú” form, the correct form of the verb is “descuides”.
    Rosemary, in Spanish we don´t use the idiom “don´t sweat it”, we would say “No te preocupes por las pequeñas cosas porque mañana no importarán”.

    ¡Mil gracias por participar! ¡Hasta la próxima!


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