Newsletter Activity 2 – J’en ai marre!

Are you familiar with the expression j’en ai marre? It’s a great colloquial expression which means “I’m fed up” or “I’ve had enough”. You can use it on its own, or add de and say what you’re fed up doing. For example:

  • j’en ai marre de faire la vaisselle
  • j’en ai marre de ma voisine
  • j’en ai marre du téléphone

Can you work out what these examples mean? Try to use this expression and let us know what you’re fed up doing by posting a comment below! Don’t forget you need to include the en!

15 thoughts on “Newsletter Activity 2 – J’en ai marre!”

  1. J’en ai marre des etudiants qui ne faire pas leur travailles. Mais, dermain est in nouveau jour et le chose e certainement etre bien.


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