Join teacher Mark, learner Katie and native speaker Francesca in this third lesson of Coffee Break Italian. In this lesson you’ll learn to say where you’re from, to talk about nationalities and lots more.

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    9 replies to "CBI 1-03 | Talking about where you come from in Italian"

    • Bill

      Thanks for the free Italian lesson. It’s relaxing to be able to learn at a slow, but interesting pace. Italian is seems so easy for English speakers to pronounce, but because of the often irregular stress on word syllables, it’s easy to get it wrong. I like that you and Francesca speak each word clearly and distinctly. Bravo.

      • radiolingua

        Thanks, Bill. Glad you’re enjoying the lessons.

    • Nick

      Wow! British produced and forget one of the nations of the Union…

      • radiolingua

        Ci dispiace! Sorry we didn’t mention gallese in the main episode. This is covered in the bonus episode for lesson 3, along with a number of other nationalities. It’s difficult to cover every possibility for all our listeners.

        • Nick

          Non c’è problema! I just found it strange for you to cover England, Scotland and Ireland and not Wales, it stood out more with the inclusion of the others. I am using these podcasts to revise as I am working towards A2 and back to basics is always good. I have learnt quite a few bits from the casts! I look forward to continuing to listen to these on my journey to advanced levels. I hope you continue with multiple seasons as I, for one, would buy them all 🙂 grazie tanto!

    • Luke

      I cannot seem to find more detailed information on how much additional content premium members receive. I would love to help support your program by purchasing a premium but I would like to know how much more vocabulary comes with the premium membership.
      Also, are there plans to add an Italian level 2?

      • radiolingua

        Hi Luke. Apologies for the slow reply: we’ve had problems with our comments system. You can find out more about the premium materials here. The bonus materials include lesson notes, video versions of the lessons and our bonus audio which includes translation challenges, helping you put into practice what you’ve learned in the main lesson. Hope that helps!

    • Rafa

      Thanks for the class you’re awesome! I’m learning a lot!

      Greetings for Costa Rica, Pura Vida!

      • Rafa

        Greetings FROM Costa Rica!

        My mistake hehehe…

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