As we start 2015 we’re introducing a new email system for members. This will allow us to manage our newsletters more effectively and make sure we send only pertinent information to our members. We’ve emailed all our members asking you to confirm your email address and update your details on a form to help us make sure we have correct information.

One of the reasons for introducing this new email system is that a number of members have not been receiving emails from our existing membership system. This means that existing members may miss out on emails regarding new materials, important information about lesson updates and special offers from time to time. The new system will help to ensure that your spam filters don’t intercept our emails and hopefully you’ll receive the correct information when it is sent out.

The process

What we’ve done so far is as follows:

  1. We sent an email to everyone on our members’ list since 2008 between 18-24th December. Remember, if your email system wasn’t letting our emails through then you won’t have received this email. In this email we said that we would be sending a further email from our new system inviting you to confirm your email address.
  2. On 31st December we sent an email to all our members from our new system. In this email we invited you to click on a link in the email to give us permission to continue to send you emails. This is a requirement of the new system: we need to ask your permission to send you email. We understand that it can appear a bit daunting to click on a link in an email – especially if you did not expect to receive the email. However we’d like to reassure you that the email was indeed from us!
  3. Having clicked the link to confirm your email address, we’ve then sent you a further email inviting you to update your details. This will help us make sure that we have the correct contact details for you. On the form you can also enter your language preferences, indicating which language(s) you are learning so that we can send you emails pertaining to that language.
  4. We’ll be sending out a reminder in the next few days to anyone who hasn’t yet updated their details.

For information, the links in the emails will take you to pages hosted by Infusionsoft. This is the name of the system we’re using, so don’t worry if you’re not taken directly to a Radio Lingua page.

Please be aware that we will never ask you to update payment details as we do not store any payment details on our system. When you purchase a product from us your payment is processed by PayPal or WorldPay and the entire transaction takes place on their systems, so no payment information is seen by Radio Lingua.

We hope this helps to explain this process and that our members will enjoy receiving valuable updates and learning content in 2015. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries about this process.

    14 replies to "New Email System for Members"

    • Ronnie capocci

      Still enjoying the supportt and the things on offer

    • Billy Allen

      I have learn a lot of Spanish thanks to your program

    • Lizzie

      How do I access German tuition from radio lingual

    • Daisy Whisenant

      I found your email in “junk mail” and marked it as “not junk. ”
      May you and your families have a very blessed 2015!

    • Daisy Whisenant

      Love the cheerful way you provide language lessons – proof that a smile can be heard! The conversational approach is motivating!
      Blessings to you!

    • Faith Knapp

      I’ve been listening for almost two years and up to lessons 75-80. I am interested in getting the premium lessons from the beginning through this season. Is there a reduction on the older premium lessons. Thank you for your response.

      BTW I love how Mark feeds in new details with amazing simplicity.

      thank you
      Faith Knapp

    • Pamela Bowman

      I am now finally receiving the newsletters by emsil. Great!

    • Bob Thomas

      Still love you guys despite all the changes

    • Susan Buchen

      I LOVE how you teach Mark! Best French lessons ever. Merci beaucoup!

    • Ghadia

      Hi Mark and Murad, that was interesting to have Arabic lessons on Radio. I will tell all my students to follow your lessons to support me as well :D.

      Thank you so much. I wish there are more lessons. It is enjoyable experience to learn through radio. More Arabic please.

      Shukran Jazeelan for your lessons.


    • marilyn cassidy

      Hi everyone. I have tried many Spanish language courses but find Coffee Break Spanish to be best of all, by far. Always something new to try out. The e’mailed Newsletter is motivational. If I’ve become lazy, the arrival of the newsletter is like the teacher returning to the classroom after a break. Head down, get to work. One big problem for me is that I am unable to find a private tutor to practise conversation with me. There are classes available in our area, however, we spend much time at our property in Tenerife and set time classes aren’t the solution for me. When in Tenerife, I have an excellent tutor but I really need a year round facility. Any suggestions for how to find a tutor for conversational Spanish would be much appreciated. I live in County Durham and could travel reasonable distance. Marilyn

    • Ruud Smid

      I like the episodes with the grammar very much!
      Unfortunately up till now I have not succeeded in finding the date of episode 11.
      Where can I find it?
      ¡Qué ilusión me hará el episodio nuevo!

    • Hélène Boutin

      In 2010, I have bouhgt “Show Time Spanish” but I cannot find it ou Radion Lingua. Could you tell me why and where it is. Thank you.
      Hélène Boutin

      • radiolingua radiolingua

        Hi Hélène. Show Time Spanish was renamed as Coffee Break Spanish Season 3. You can find the premium content that you’ve purchased in your Members’ area at Hope that helps.

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