How this works – Coffee Break Spanish Season 4

We’re about to launch the fourth season of Coffee Break Spanish and in this short podcast episode Mark explains what is involved in this new season.

Each lesson in this new course represents a chapter in our story. The chapter is built around a text: this text could be an email or a conversation between two of the characters, or it could be a diary entry or a letter. In the audio episode we’ll listen to a spoken version of that text. We’ll be publishing the free preview episodes of the course here on the site, on iTunes and on Soundcloud. The preview episodes include an introduction from Mark and Carmen, the audio of the text and then a summary of the text in English to help learners understand.

Our premium materials for Season 4 include the following elements:

  • the full audio lesson: running to around 30 minutes, this episode analyses the text and Mark and Carmen will discuss the grammar points and idiomatic expressions featured in the text, helping you to understand with further examples;
  • a transcript of the lesson: if you didn’t quite catch what the presenters said in Spanish in the episode, you’ll be able to follow the transcript and use the handy notes to help you fully understand;
  • bonus audio lesson: we’re also providing an extra episode which will test you on your translation skills.

Episode one will be published on Wednesday 28th January at 6:00pm UK time. If you’re interested you can go ahead and preorder the course here.

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  1. Hola Mark y Alba! Casi he terminado con Show Time Spanish y tengo muchas ganas de empezar con el nivel cuatro. Mi novia vive en España, y yo en los Estado Unidos, y vamos a escuchar los episodios juntos cada semana. Van a ayudarle a ella, también, porque puede aprovechar el inglés en los episodios.


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