CBG Lesson 140

Lesson 40 – Coffee Break German

In the final episode of this series of Coffee Break German, Mark reflects on his visit to Innsbruck and Thomas helps him talk more about things in the past in German.

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12 thoughts on “Lesson 40 – Coffee Break German”

    • Danke! We’ve not made a decision yet about when we’ll be releasing further German content, but if you keep your eye on the site, on Facebook and on Twitter we’ll be announcing our plans in the coming weeks.

  1. I miss the German lessons, and I am hoping there will be more. I really loved the grammar guru and the cultural episodes also, and hope they will make a comeback as well. Don’t keep us waiting too long, please.

  2. Please make a second season! I hope it’s already in the making. The first one has been very helpful and made me more confident even if I already had some pre-existent knowledge.

  3. Hallo Mark!

    Are there next steps for these great german lessons?
    Waiting for your reply and good news..

    Bis zum nächsten mal und danke schön!

    • Hi Charlie,

      The second season of Coffee Break German is available on our website and, as far as we know, on Spotify. The regional limitations on Spotify make it difficult for us to know exactly where the content is available.

  4. Dear Coffee Break German Team,

    I just want to say how fabulous I am finding your lessons. I live in Switzerland and have had a hard time trying to learn German so far (not helped obviously by the fact that everyone here speak SwissGerman) but I have found your lessons exactly what I needed to motivate me and to learn. I have been having proper lessons alongside the coffee break german audio sessions and in all honesty I think I learn more from you than I do from my official lessons. Can I especially thank Kirsty for her simplistic explanation of the grammar, it has really started getting my head around it all. I am only on lesson 18 but love it and am hoping you guys will continue creating lessons so I don’t run out. Thank you again!


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