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In this first episode of the Coffee Break Spanish Espresso you’ll learn how to us the word ni, Fernanda will help you get to grips with the subjunctive after es importante que, and our Spanish quotation of the week looks at the theme of the fear of danger.

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    2 replies to "Coffee Break Spanish Espresso 003"

    • andrew macdonald

      Mark, these lessons are superb! I live and work in Spain, in Valencia. A I teach English and French all day, the exposure to Spanish some days is minimal. Your “Subjunctive of the week” feature is sure to be superb for anyone studying the language from a B2ish level and up.
      Can you do something with idiomatic expressions for C1 / C2 level people? Keep up the good work and thank you.


      • radiolingua radiolingua

        Hi Andrew. Thanks for your comments. We’ve just announced Coffee Break Spanish Season 4 and this will be rich in idiomatic expressions, perfect for C1/2 learners. Find out more about it at Season 4 launches at the end of January. Hope that helps.

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