We launched the new site at the beginning of the week and since then we’ve been tweaking things to try to ensure that all aspects of the site are working as expected. We’ve been working through all support tickets and have responded individually to everyone’s queries, and we’ve also been trying to keep the open discussions on our help desk up to date. We would like to update you on where we are with things, and assure you of our continued efforts to resolve any outstanding problems.

Members’ pages

We’ve now updated all the members’ pages so all members should see the products they have purchased listed in the “Active Resources” area. By clicking on any of these active resources, you should be taken to the members’ area for that product where you can download all the individual files associated with the membership. Please note that you will need to be logged in to see these active resources. You can log in here.

“Unauthorised user” errors

Some users have reported that the Active Resources do not include all content that they have purchased. We have identified that during the migration to our new system there have been a small number of users whose payments have been registered in PayPal or WorldPay, but during the synchronisation of the databases the payment confirmation was not passed over to the Radio Lingua members’ system. This is very easily fixed: if you don’t see a product you have purchased listed in the Active Resources area, please get in touch with us via our Helpdesk. Remember, you can log in to the Helpdesk with your Facebook, Twitter or Google profiles, so don’t use your Radio Lingua username and password there. It would speed things up if you can send us a copy of your original payment confirmation: this lets us find you quickly in our database and add your access manually.

Using 3rd party apps (iTunes, Podcasts, Downcast, BeyondPod)

Many of our listeners choose to manage access to the files using a third party app such as iTunes on the Mac/PC, or one of the podcasting apps on a mobile device. We have identified that some users are still experiencing problems accessing purchased content on these apps. We have to stress that these apps are not created by Radio Lingua: as a member you have purchased content from us and you can access it from the members’ pages by clicking or tapping on an individual file to download it to your computer, or to play/view it immediately on your device. In particular, a number of iPad users have pointed out that they can’t access the audio files. All audio files are playable by tapping on the file name in Safari. However, the iPad system does not allow the user to store files anywhere: this is a restriction of iOS, not a restriction of Radio Lingua content.

If you are interested in a method to store downloadable content on your iPad, you may be interested in an app like FileManager which is available as a free and paid version. We have seen examples of this app being used to store audio lessons, lesson guides and videos locally. Again, we cannot provide support for this app or any other third party method for storing our files on your iPad.

While it’s difficult for us to promote any particular app, we have suggested that customers try using Downcast as it works for us. However, at the moment there does seem to be a problem with the way in which Downcast is requesting the files from our server and the authentication method used. Although we’ve launched the new site, we’ve not actually changed the way in which the premium feeds are created. We’ve contacted Downcast support and will update you as soon as we can. [Update, Sat 28 June: we’ve changed a setting on the protection system on the new server and can confirm that some of the feeds are now working correctly in Downcast. We will continue to look into this.]

What if I’m still having problems?

  1. Please log into your account with your username and password.
  2. Check that you have the correct content listed on your Active Resources.
  3. If you do not have the correct Active Resources listed, please follow the instructions above in the section named “Unauthorised user” errors.
  4. Open one of your Active Resources, and from the members’ page for that content, try to tap on one of the pdf lesson guides.
  5. If you do have the correct Active Resources listed and you can’t open a pdf lesson guide from the members’ page, please get in touch with us.
  6. If you can open the pdf then your account is fully active. You may still want to download the content using a third party app as explained above, and we will update you as soon as we can when we have confirmation on the use of the premium feeds in Downcast etc.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding during this period. We can’t wait for things to get back to normal and publish the latest lessons for you. In the meantime, we’ll continue to update you as regularly as possible here on the site.

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