Some of our users have been experiencing problems accessing our premium content on iOS devices. This tutorial will help you to access all our premium content using the Downcast app for iPad, iPhone and iPod. Please be aware that Downcast is a third party app: there are other podcasting apps available for iOS, but we’ve found that Downcast is the most effective way to access our premium content on iOS.

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    • Kentahj Johnson

      Thank you I’m going to Columbia in January I’d like to know as much as possible I’ve been listening a few days and I can speak more sentences then I ever did in high school your Scottish accent isn’t an issue for me but the pace is a little fast so I repeat the episodes a few times but this is great like I said I’ve learned more in a few days then I did in 2 years of high school I’ll learn more languages but I have a question is Columbia a more spainard country or is it more like Mexico I see that Mexicans pronounce a few words differently but when I get to Columbia I don’t want to sound like I speak horrible Spanish and it is incorrect lol thanks

      • radiolingua radiolingua

        You’ll certainly be understood perfectly in Colombia if you use the standard Spanish we teach on Coffee Break Spanish. Your accent may be a little different and it’ll take you a little time to get used to hearing a different accent. It’s similar to the differences between the English spoken in the UK and the US. Hope that helps.

    • Keith Belson

      I have Downcast and I have downloaded all of season 4. My question is how do I open the transcripts?

      • radiolingua radiolingua

        Hi Keith. Assuming you have an app installed for viewing pdf documents you should be able to tap and hold on the transcript link and “open in…” the PDF app. Hope that helps.

    • Abilasha Subramanian

      I have installed the coffe break French season 1to 4 app on my iPhone and it works perfectly well. I would also like to download the same on my computer so that I can use either of the devise as per my convenience.
      How do I download the same without having to pay for it again.

      Kindly help.

      • radiolingua radiolingua

        Hi Abilasha.

        Unfortunately it looks like you’ve downloaded the unauthorised app. A group of developers has stolen our content and is selling it on an app for iOS and Android. There is more information about this here.. We would strongly recommend that you contact the app store and ask for a refund. In order to access the premium content across all your devices, please purchase it on the Coffee Break Academy.

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