Join Mark and Pierre-Benoît in this first introduction to Season 4. The new season begins on 21st October 2013 with a short introductory episode in which you’ll meet two of the characters of our story, and lesson one will be published on 28th October 2013. Full details of the premium version of the course will be announced with the introductory episode.


Special bonus for Coffee Break French Season 3 members

Here’s a special bonus for all Coffee Break French Season 3 members: download the full transcript of this promo episode to check your understanding of the French used by Mark and Pierre-Benoît in the recording, and to get a feel for the type of notes we’ll be providing for this forthcoming season.[/amprotect]

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    9 replies to "Welcome to Coffee Break French Season 4"

    • Merry Preble

      This is the first time on here. How do I start, in French?

    • Pauline McGuire

      Bonjour Mark et Pierre-Benoit
      Merci beaucoup pour faire la saison quatre! Mais est-ce que il y a une petite typo a la paragraph ci-dessus? La saison commence a 28 October 2013, n’est-ce pas?
      bien cordialement

      • radiolingua radiolingua

        Vous avez bien raison, Pauline! C’est bien le 28 octobre 2013!

    • anne

      hurray. Just delighted that we now have a season 4. I have found the other sessons so useful, can’t wait to start again!

    • Mary

      I use an Ipad for my pod casts and it is not possible to install Adobe Flash. Any recommendations?

    • donna

      Hi, does this set of lessons continue on from lesson 80 or is that just the end of season 1 and I then need to buy further season? Merci

      • Debra

        Season 1 is lessons 1-40; Season 2 is lessons 41-80. Both of those are for beginners. Season 3 started a new numbering system and has lessons 301-340. I have enjoyed all of these and am anxiously waiting for Season 4 to debut!

    • susan

      I am a prem member and I am wondering how I can get the VERB FIX materials. Where are they in the members materials? Thank so much, Susan

      • Radio Lingua

        The Verb Fix is a separate product. You can purchase it from this page. Hope this helps.

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