cbs-season4-600Coffee Break Spanish Season 4 coming soon

To date we’ve published two 40-lesson seasons of Coffee Break Spanish, and one 40-lesson season of Show Time Spanish. Here at Radio Lingua we tend to think of Show Time Spanish as “Coffee Break Spanish Season 3”, so we’re delighted to announce that Coffee Break Spanish Season 4 will be launching early in 2014. It’s not quite ready for publication yet as we’re still recording various elements of the show.

Like Coffee Break French Season 4, the new season of Coffee Break Spanish will be based around a story – a sort of “radio play”, similar to the Verano Español element of Show Time Spanish. However, this story is much more developed and through the weekly episodes you’ll get to know a range of characters, listen to different Spanish accents, and build your confidence and range of expression in the language.

We’ll be providing more information about Coffee Break Spanish Season 4 in the coming months, so stay tuned!

Introducing the Coffee Break Spanish Newsstand Magazine

“That sounds familiar”, we hear you say! We launched the Coffee Break Spanish Magazine audio and video podcast last September, and we’ve had lots of feedback about this show. It seems that what learners are looking for is a “real” magazine, full of articles about the Spanish-speaking world. There is lots of content out there for English speakers about travel in Spain and Latin America, and there are thousands of blogs and news articles for native speakers of Spanish. However, what seems to be missing is a collection of articles about the places, the people and the cultures of the Spanish-speaking world written specifically for learners. This is what we’ve decided to put together in the form of a magazine app.

We’ll be launching the first issue of our magazine in a few weeks, and we’re sure that the Coffee Break Spanish community will really enjoy learning with this new resource. The magazine will feature graded articles in Spanish, with something for everyone in each edition, from beginners through to advanced learners. These articles will be combined with beautiful photography, contributions from the community and some articles in English about Spanish language and culture. Since it’s a digital magazine we’ll also be able to include audio and video, along with links and interactive elements. The magazine will launch first in Newsstand for iPad, and we’ll add versions for other devices soon after.

As soon as the first edition is ready we’ll let you know!

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    8 replies to "Coffee Break Spanish News"

    • Sue Reid

      This is exciting news! My life has been so busy lately that I’ve let my Spanish learning lapse but I’m determined to get right back on it and the new magazine sounds great.

    • Maureen Parr

      It is great news. I have never, to date, found a better language learning system. This one keeps me absorbed and listening.

      It is certainly worth buying the additional materials too. As well as extra listening, the grammar and vocabulary are reinforced in clear, precise note form.

      Thank you to Mark and all at Radio Lingua. I look forward to the new launch.

    • Ian Baines

      Season Four – at last! Coffee Break and Show Time Spanish (in addition to Q and A and the Magazine) have become so much a part of my day that I have listened to each at least twice, and often more. Perhaps I am a slow learner, or perhaps I just enjoy the repetition and the connection to my favourite cast of Spanish speakers. I feel that I know you all as family. So a new season is just wonderful, and finally something more to play over and over.

      I listen to Radio Lingua while cycling or walking the dog. Given that I often repeat out loud, it is appropriate to find quiet places where mumbling in Spanish is not considered odd. In my part of Canada, there is no Spanish heard on the streets, so I guess that I am doing my bit. I look forward to more of my street drug of choice – CBS. And no I am not crazy, talking to my dog in Spanish whilst walking is perfectly normal. Si no?

    • Sue Hemmings

      Great news – I started learning Spanish five years ago with CBS and have used it as a reliable friend alongside other courses ever since. I listened recently to some old News Time episodes which I really enjoyed and could understand much better than when I first heard them. It’s great to experience making progress in that way. The magazine is just what I need , thanks for finding another way to help me learn this brilliant language.

    • Rae Waldon

      This is great news. I have let my Spanish slip a little and now I have just started going out with a Spanish guy ( who’s mother speaks no English at all ) I really need to get back in to the swing of things. The one thing I really need to brush up on is the written word and reading the magazine will really help!

    • Arlene

      Love the work you’re doing! Just have one question though: are the old Coffee Break Spanish podcasts no longer available? I subscribed to the feed about three weeks ago and was enjoying the lessons. When I tried to find them on my new mobile they’re no longer there.

    • Joan Dyson

      What has happened to season 4? will it be a long wait until we can enjoy it?

      • Radio Lingua

        We’re hoping to be able to make some announcements very soon about our Spanish content. Thanks for your patience!

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