Coffee Break Spanish Magazine – Episode 207

We’re back with another edition of the Coffee Break Spanish Magazine. In this episode: Alba asks, ¿qué es para ti el verano? – what does summer mean to you? Mark joins Fernanda on a virtual tour of the Dominican Republic; and JP and Nahyeli answer a listener’s question about the use of the imperfect and perfect subjunctive.

The CBF Verb Fix 109 – Devoir

In this lesson we’re looking at the irregular verb devoir meaning “must” or “to have to”, or in some situations “to owe”. Devoir is another irregular verb so we need to learn each part of the verb as it does not follow the regular patterns.

Lesson 19 – Coffee Break German

CBG 1-19

In this latest episode of Coffee Break German you’ll continue learning to deal with public transport in German. Coffee Break German comes to you from the Radio Lingua Network. In weekly episodes you’ll join native speaker Thomas who’ll be teaching learner Mark in gradual, structured lessons. The episodes also feature Kirsten, our Grammar Guru, and Julia, our Cultural Correspondent.