Coffee Break Spanish Magazine – Episode 206

We’re back with another edition of the Coffee Break Spanish Magazine. In this episode:

  • Alba asks, ¿adónde te irás de vacaciones este verano? – where will you be going on holiday this summer?
  • Mark joins Fernanda on a virtual tour of Venezuela;
  • and JP and Nahyeli answer Richard’s question about the difference between el mismo and lo mismo.

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5 Comments on “Coffee Break Spanish Magazine – Episode 206”

  1. Avatar

    Hola amigos,
    Is there a way I could sample a premium membership ? with all the extra options it provides ?

  2. Avatar

    May I suggest you dont release another CBS magazine series until you have actually completed the material. Series 2 has been awful, plain and simple! Pretty much every episode appears 2 weeks later then the schedule stated on this site (if we’re lucky), no reasoning behind delays. You’ve amended the dates by which time things should have been published, so we’d wait 2 weeks and then you’d alter the date so it was just showing as one week late (3-4 weeks wait) and then not release till a week later! By now the whole series should have finished according to your timetable, but we’re still 3 episodes down. Lesson notes don’t appear at the same time as the lessons, and there’s never any indication of when we’ll actually get them. How hard is it to put something on the site, if only as a matter of courtesy to say “We’re really sorry, you can expect it by….”. If this site had a forum attached to it you’d be getting panned right now. Low point of this series has to be the weather/ vacation episode, very late, felt like it was rushed and quickly put together, usable content NONE!

    I understand that your a small company but don’t take on more than you can handle. Look at the original timetable that you put out if you still have it, and then ask yourselves if you’d be happy with the delays + no explanation. Every now and again I check my iPad to see if you’ve put out new content, then I check the site. I shouldn’t have to chase you on this.

    Disgruntled customer

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