On Location German – 7 May 2013

130507-hollyHallo zusammen! I have really enjoyed my time here in Deutschland and I am here with my very last blog post. I have loved sharing all of my experiences with you and have learnt so much about the German language and culture!

As I leave Germany in the next few weeks I will definitely miss my host family as they have been so nice to me and I have learnt so much. Even in my final days I’m learning all the time: at the weekend I learnt that in addition to meaning “the bag”, the word die Tüte can also mean a joint (drugs)! I also heard one of the pupils at my school saying Halt die Klappe! (Put a sock in it!).

Living with young people has been very interesting as I have noticed the different types of language used by young people and adults. The kids have taught me things like Mein Handy ist leer which can mean both “my mobile has no charge and my mobile has no credit and jmdm. auf den Keks gehen means to get on somebody’s nerves. One particular aspect of the German language which I’ve always found tricky is the difference between Dasselbe and Das Gleiche. Both of these mean “the same” but in different ways. If you went to a café and your friend ordered a sandwich and you wanted the same type of sandwich you would use Das Gleiche because if you asked for Dasselbe it would mean that you wanted the specific sandwich that your friend is about to bite into!

I hope that you have all enjoyed following me on my year abroad and that you have taken something from these blog posts. I hope you all continue your German learning journey, and if you ever get the chance to live there, go for it!


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