In this latest episode of Coffee Break German you’ll realise how much you’ve learned since you started following the course by listening to a conversation using lots of the language you’ve covered so far. Coffee Break German comes to you from the Radio Lingua Network. In weekly episodes you’ll join native speaker Thomas who’ll be teaching learner Mark in gradual, structured lessons. The episodes also feature Kirsten, our Grammar Guru, and Julia, our Cultural Correspondent.

Coming up in this lesson…

This lesson is a review of the language covered so far in our course. This lesson includes:

  • an extended conversation between two speakers featuring a range of topics;
  • bonus vocabulary to extend your range of expression;
  • phrases for greetings at special times of the year.

Listen to the lesson

Accessing the Premium Version

The premium version of Coffee Break German provides additional materials which will help you move forward more effectively with your German studies. The premium version includes the following elements:

  • Video flashcards: listen to each lesson and see the words and phrases covered in the lesson displayed on the screen of your computer, phone or tablet (mp4 format);
  • Bonus audio materials: use our review lessons to practise the language covered in the main lesson, and to pick up some useful bonus vocabulary;
  • Comprehensive lesson notes: study the language of each lesson in greater detail and access additional information about the German language.

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Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 19.24.02Coffee Break German Study Packs are now available on the iBookstore. These books feature the audio, video and text of the members’ materials in a handy iBooks version. The Study Packs are published in groups of five lessons and are published normally 2-3 weeks after the lessons are published on our site. To see which Study Packs are currently available, please visit Coffee Break German on the iBookstore.

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    1 Response to "Lesson 10 – Coffee Break German"

    • John


      Congratulations on a well put-together series of lessons! I love your approach, particularly the structure and the informal conversational nature of the lessons. The cultural and grammar segments add a great deal and I’ve found the support materials, especially the lesson notes, very helpful (so much so that I’ve just downloaded the first of the study packs). I find it occasionally frustrating that you say that we’ll come back to a particular point in a future lesson but I understand that you can’t cram everything in at once – I’m just eager to learn more!

      I’m in my fifties and ‘did’ German in school. I’ve had a number of visits to Germany over the years, usually in company, so I realise how little practical knowledge of the language that I have. Your course has given me the confidence to organise a solo motorbike tour of Germany later this year, something I’m really looking forward to!

      Keep up the good work!


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