On Location German – 27 Mar 2013

130327-danielHallo zusammen! Hey, everyone!

As we approach the end of March, that means that Easter is nearly here! I have fond memories of when I was younger when my brothers and I used to paint hard-boiled eggs at Easter time. It turns out that this custom of boiling and painting Ostereier (“Easter eggs”) began in Germany! As well as the shared custom of the Ostereier, Germany shares the custom of der Osterhase (the Easter bunny) with us, too! I say share, but we take these customs from the Germans: apparently the first chocolate Easter bunny came from Germany too! (Schokolade (“chocolate”) being my favourite part of Easter, of course!)

Also, at this time of year we start to see the first signs of der Frühling (“Spring”). Blumen (“flowers”) start to come up and der Schnee (“the snow”) from Winter finally disappears. Apart from this year! Leider ist der Schnee noch nicht weggetaut! (“Unfortunately the snow hasn’t melted yet!”) Then again, coming from Scotland I’m used to the weather being less-than-Mediterranean. I can only hope that, come April/May, the weather will improve. I hope that the weather is better wherever you are and that you all have a fantastic Easter!

Frohe Ostern! Happy Easter!


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