It’s time for another episode of Coffee Break German and in this week’s episode we’re learning to get around the town using German. Coffee Break German comes to you from the Radio Lingua Network. In weekly episodes you’ll join native speaker Thomas who’ll be teaching learner Mark in gradual, structured lessons. The episodes also feature Kirsten, our Grammar Guru, and Julia, our Cultural Correspondent.

Coming up in this lesson…

In this lesson you’ll be learning to talk about places in the town and to ask for directions. You’ll learn:

  • the German words for some places in the town;
  • to ask for help from a native speaker;
  • the phrase for “where is…?” in German;
  • how to ask someone to show you on a map where you are.

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  • Bonus audio materials: use our review lessons to practise the language covered in the main lesson, and to pick up some useful bonus vocabulary;
  • Comprehensive lesson notes: study the language of each lesson in greater detail and access additional information about the German language.

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    3 replies to "Lesson 07 – Coffee Break German"

    • Kary

      Hi guys,
      I can’t tell you how happy I am about “Coffee Break German” (I was very pleased with “Coffee Break French”).
      Keep it up!
      Cheers from Italy,

    • Kara

      Hi Mark & Thomas!

      I know I am behind (on epi 8 now) but I just HAD to comment and say how perfect these lessons are. They are extremely helpful and the best tool I have found online to learn german. I love the format and it is really fun to learn along with Mark because he asks the same questions I have and has the same reactions to certain words :). Thank you for all of these great lessons. I love CB French as well.

    • Nader


      Thank you very much for the great knowledge you’re giving us all for free.
      Although your program has existed for well over 2 years, but I just heard about it from a Russian guy who I met recently, who has learnt at least 2 to 3 languages using Coffee Break.

      Let me tell you it is more helpful than having a teacher or taking a course (I did take 1 German course like 10 years ago), because I get to listen over and over again for how every thing is pronounced until i perfect it.
      I wish you success in all of your programs, and hope to see a new season of Coffee Break German by the time I finish this one.

      Vielen Danke 🙂

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